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  1. Karen Johnson

    Professional Learning Communities at Work® Yes We Can!

    Karen Johnson is the coordinator of Language Acquisition for the Pleasanton Unified School District Pleasanton, California. She is passionate about the topics of equity, inclusion, and ensuring high levels of learning for all students.

  2. Matthew Treadway

    Priority Schools in a PLC at Work™ Professional Learning Communities at Work® RTI at Work™ Yes We Can!

    Matthew Treadway, EdS, is the principal of Freedom Elementary School in Shepherdsville, Kentucky, where he led his staff in developing a collaborative culture centered on the three big ideas of a PLC.

  3. Karly Ward

    Professional Learning Communities at Work® Yes We Can!

    Karly Ward serves as principal of Rendezvous Elementary School in central Wyoming. With more than 14 years of experience, she specializes in visionary leadership, creating and maintaining a healthy school culture, and promoting system fidelity.

  4. Amy Williams

    Professional Learning Communities at Work® Yes We Can!

    Dr. Amy Williams is a program manager for California Education Partners. She has 24 years of experience in education as coordinator of inclusive services and supports, K-8 principal, special education program manager, school psychologist, and teacher.

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