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  1. Casey R. Ahner

    Priority Schools in a PLC at Work™ Professional Learning Communities at Work® Yes We Can!

    Casey R. Ahner has more than 22 years’ experience in education. He has served as a special education teacher, counselor, assistant principal, and principal at the intermediate and elementary levels.

  2. Tania Amerson

    Yes We Can!

    Tania Amerson is executive director of exceptional education for the Bartow County School System where she cultivates a professional learning community culture. With 30 years of experience in special education, she’s served as a teacher, instructional coach, and administrator.

  3. Anisa Baker-Busby

    Assessment Collaborative Priority Schools in a PLC at Work™ RTI at Work™ Yes We Can!

    Dr. Anisa Baker-Busby served as the principal of Lindsey Elementary since February 2016 and was appointed principal of Shirley Hills Elementary in July 2022. She has over twenty years of educational experiences serving as an elementary teacher and administrator. Her passion is to help schools build systems of support for collaborative teams that will ensure high levels of learning for all students.

  4. Erica Barraza

    Yes We Can!

    Erica Barraza currently serves as the instructional coach at Lotus Elementary School in Fox Lake, Illinois. With more than 15 years of experience in education, she specializes in providing effective professional learning opportunities to educators.

  5. Mandy Barrett

    Assessment Collaborative Priority Schools in a PLC at Work™ Professional Learning Communities at Work® Yes We Can!

    Mandy Barrett, EdD, currently serves as an elementary school principal in northwest Arkansas. She has over 20 years of experience working in high-poverty schools and schools with large ESL populations.

  6. Kim Baxter

    Yes We Can!

    Kim Baxter is an instructional specialist in social studies and literacy in the Socorro Independent School District in El Paso, Texas. She is a former social studies teacher, campus intervention coach, and secondary campus administrator.

  7. Matthew Blackmore

    Yes We Can!

    Matthew Blackmore is an award-winning administrator who leads professional learning communities through best practices to ensure that all students learn at high levels. He is director of student services for North Polk Community School District near Des Moines, Iowa.

  8. Kristen Bordonaro

    Professional Learning Communities at Work® Yes We Can!

    Kristen Bordonaro is the director of programs and services for the Exceptional Learners Collaborative in Buffalo Grove, Illinois. Her work focuses on supporting special education teams of member districts.

  9. Kimberly Rodriguez Cano

    Priority Schools in a PLC at Work™ Professional Learning Communities at Work® RTI at Work™ Transforming School Culture Yes We Can!

    Kimberly Rodriguez Cano, a consultant with over 30 years’ experience, is a former transition specialist, special education coordinator, professional development director, and school improvement specialist for the Florida Department of Education, supporting educators in that state and across the United States.

  10. Megan Clarke

    Yes We Can!

    Megan Clarke is the superintendent of a special education collaborative serving four school districts in Illinois. In addition to supporting the collaborative, her work focuses on building partnerships with parents, community agencies, and other districts.