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Finding Your Blind Spots

Eight Guiding Principles for Overcoming Implicit Bias in Teaching

By: Hedreich Nichols

Foreword by: Walter D. Greason

Author Hedreich Nichols infuses this book with a direct yet conversational style to help you identify biases that adversely affect your practice and learn how to move beyond those biases to ensure a more equitable, inclusive campus culture.

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Finding Your Blind Spots

Build bridges, foster better relationships, and establish a more inclusive school community. In her direct yet conversational style, Hedreich Nichols examines discriminatory classroom practices and offers strategies for eliminating them. You’ll acquire the knowledge and skills to identify biases that adversely affect your practice and learn how to move beyond those biases to ensure a more equitable, inclusive campus culture.

  • Recognize your own personal biases and how they affect the classroom.
  • Learn how your language can reinforce discrimination and how to choose inclusive language instead.
  • Understand gender and sexuality and how they relate to identity.
  • Discover ways to celebrate and foster diversity daily.
  • Identify microaggressions and how they create barriers to relationships.

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Product Code: BKG022, EKF584

ISBN: 9781952812538

Published By: Solution Tree

Page Count: 160

“In today’s unprecedented time of change, Hedreich Nichols shows educators how to dig deeply into the rich soil of their souls to find the weeds that mire down growth and inhibit their own healing and expansion. She prepares mentors of young students to cultivate their learning environment by tending to their own garden first before planting seeds of the future. Finding Your Blind Spots is an excellent framework for building self-reflective and exploratory practices in schools to ensure that the staff provides an atmosphere that facilitates growth in social justice, equity, diversity, and inclusivity as well as empowers students to become conscientious citizens in the world.”

Traci Nicole Smith, Ph.D., Conscious Driven Living Coach, Educator, Parent Advocate, Writer

“All educators can benefit from reading this book and completing its reflective activities. Whether you are just beginning your journey as an educator or have decades of experience, you will learn something new about biases that will impact your teaching practice. Each personal story and activity that Hedreich shares exhibits her passion and expertise and will be immediately meaningful to every reader.”

Bonnie Nieves, M.Ed., Science Teacher, Author, Founder of Educate on Purpose

“Hedreich Nichols’s latest book, Finding Your Blind Spots, is an incredibly engaging resource for any educator willing through reflective self-examination to take on the challenge of exploring ways to enhance the value they bring to all students they teach. She invites educators on a fascinating journey of self-examination and discovery to uncover personal blind spots that inhibit or undermine even our best intentions to relate to every student. In well-documented research and analysis, chock full of practical tools and recommended strategies, Ms. Nichols craftily weaves her lived experiences as an African American child, student, Grammy-nominated singer, and teacher in the U.S. and abroad, into a persuasive case for an introspective approach to education that stresses the importance of “heart” work—work from the heart that recognizes the supremacy of developing meaningful relationships as an essential ingredient to teaching that matters, wherein all students are valued and appreciated in the richness of their diversity.”

Mervil Johnson, Chair, Fatherhood Coalition of Tarrant County, Texas

“Confronting one’s own biases can be uncomfortable. Hedreich Nichols works to reduce that discomfort so that educators can continue moving forward and improving in their daily work in schools by connecting their reflections on bias to the instructional best practices they’re already using. As she does in her podcast, SmallBites, Hedreich focuses in Finding Your Blind Spots on actionable strategies and shows how they are manageable in the context of teachers' heavy workload.”

Tom Berger, Executive Editor, Edutopia

“In Finding Your Blind Spots, Hedreich Nichols provides educators a roadmap to conquer their hidden biases in the safe and nonjudgmental space of the pages in her timely release through Solution Tree. Her data points, personal insights, and advice tell us that she has worked hard to know what isolates students and check her own biases. This honest and helpful approach will resonate with readers regardless of where they are in their equity journey.”

Jorge Valenzuela, Education Coach, Advocate, and author of Rev Up Robotics and SEL in Action
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