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The Beginning Teacher’s Field Guide BESTSELLER

Embarking on Your First Years

By: Tina H. Boogren

The joys and pains of starting a teaching career often go undiscussed. This guide explores the personal side of teaching, outlining classroom strategies and self-care practices.

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Self-care and teaching tips for new teachers

The joys and pains of starting a teaching career often go undiscussed. This field guide dives deep into the personal side of teaching, offering crucial advice, empathy, and new-teacher support. The author details six phases every new teacher goes through—anticipation, survival, disillusionment, rejuvenation, reflection, and second anticipation—and outlines targeted classroom-management strategies and self-care practices for each.

Transcend the emotional, mental, and physical problems teachers face in the classroom:

  • Understand the feelings and teaching challenges of each phase during a beginning teacher’s career.
  • Practice self-care to combat beginning and first-year teacher stress and burnout; avoid the mental pitfalls that so often lead to teachers changing careers.
  • Learn effective classroom-management strategies for new teachers and how to maintain positive relationships with students.
  • Respond to prompts that will help you process and reflect on your first years’ culmination.
  • Utilize the prompts and journaling spaces throughout the book to reflect on your professional improvements and successes.

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Product Code: BKF806, EKF399

ISBN: 9781945349560

Published By: Solution Tree

“Tina H. Boogren’s field guide provides a concrete road map not only for survival as a beginning teacher but also for excellence.”

Robert J. Marzano, PhD, cofounder and CAO of Marzano Research, Denver, Colorado

“The teaching profession quickly becomes a journey of weaving through the complexity of the school year while hanging on to the intrinsic and unique rewards of the work. In The Beginning Teacher’s Field Guide, Boogren succeeds in teaching you the wit and the wisdom to do both!”

Tim Kanold, PhD, educator and author

“In this book, author Tina H. Boogren graciously offers beginning teachers space to grumble, cry, and celebrate as they journey through their first years in the classroom, providing practical advice for every step along the way. The helpful tips and reflection opportunities found in this book could benefit teachers at all levels of experience. Best of all, Tina’s warm, encouraging voice reminds us of the value of our noble profession and that, no matter what happens, we’ve ‘so got this.’”

Cristie Watson, MEd, NBCT, sixth-grade language arts and social studies teacher, Gravelly Hill Middle School, North Carolina
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