5 Best Resources to Read This Women’s History Month

Insights that empower women for school leadership. Personal stories that highlight lessons from women in international education. Strategies for new principals. No matter where you are on your leadership journey, something in this list of books from women authors and leaders in education will spark a renewed sense of empowerment, joy, and imagination.

Check out these 5 great resources for Women’s History Month: 


Women Who Lead: Insights, Inspiration, and Guidance to Grow as an Educator

By: Janel Keating, Jasmine K. Kullar

Get motivated by this collection of voices from women in leadership and their allies. This book offers insight and strategies on effective women in educational leadership practices and how to nurture your professional growth in this male-dominated field. 

“This book is a beacon of hope. It is full of practical gems to inspire women and those who support them to take immediate action so that more women achieve leadership roles in education.”

Clara Finneran, assistant superintendent of education, Las Virgenes Unified School District, California

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Step In, Step Up: Empowering Women for the School Leadership Journey

By: Jane A. G. Kise, Barbara K. Watterston

The authors guide current and aspiring women leaders through a 12-week development journey to discover their personal leadership identity and overcome the gender barriers to leadership in education.

“Step In, Step Up is a must-read book for all women in education, at every level. It will help women reframe how they see themselves as leaders and break through the barriers… in every sphere, we need more women challenging norms and leading change. If you’ve ever doubted your ability to be a powerful change agent, this book is for you.”

Margie Warrell, women’s leadership advocate; author, Stop Playing Safe and Make Your Mark

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Raise Her Up: Stories and Lessons From Women in International Educational Leadership

By: Debra E. Lane, Kimberly Cullen

In the male-dominated echelon of educational leadership, many women feel alone in their struggle to succeed. This anthology presents a collection of powerful stories written by women whose backgrounds are as diverse as their leadership roles. Readers will discover a sense of community among the pages and practical guidance on developing the skills and character to achieve success.

“I found myself immersed in each leadership journey. This book allows readers to challenge themselves and others in educational leadership so that we may continuously work to raise her up!”

Jafeth E. Sanchez, associate professor of educational leadership, University of Nevada

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The Deliberate and Courageous Principal:Ten Leadership Actions and Skills to Create High-Achieving Schools

By: Rhonda J. Roos

Fully step into your power as a school principal. By diving deep into five essential leadership actions and five essential leadership skills, you will learn how to grow in your role and accomplish incredible outcomes for your students and staff.

“The Deliberate and Courageous Principal draws upon valued experience as a school principal and district administrator, and provides a viable road map that any school leader can follow when working to improve their school. Aspiring and veteran administrators should make this book a must-read—and one to reread as leadership challenges arise.

Todd D. Bess, executive director, Indiana Association of School Principals

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The Principal’s Backpack: Tips and Tools for Managing Yourself (So You Can Manage Everything Else)

By: Nancy Karlin Flynn

Purposeful self-management is key to being an effective school leader. This experiential memoir offers research-grounded tips and tools for managing yourself—so you can manage everything else. Get organized, find your purpose, know your strengths, reflect, and celebrate. This book will help you do it all.

“During this time of volatility and divisiveness, it’s so critical that we keep our focus on students and the educators who serve them. This book provides school leaders with practical tools, guidance, and inspiration to do just that! Bravo!

Irvin Scott, Harvard Graduate School of Education, Massachusetts

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