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Step In, Step Up

Empowering Women for the School Leadership Journey

By: Jane A. G. Kise, Barbara K. Watterston

Step In, Step Up guides current and aspiring women leaders through a twelve-week development journey to discover their personal leadership identity and overcome the gender barriers to leadership in education.

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A 12-week educational leadership journey for women

Women have incredible potential to drive change in education if they step up to lead at all levels. In Step In, Step Up, authors Jane A. G. Kise and Barbara K. Watterston guide current and aspiring women leaders through a twelve-week leadership journey. An assortment of activities, reflection prompts, and stories empower readers to overcome gender barriers to female leadership and engage in opportunities to learn, grow, and lead within their school communities.

Silver Award Winner 2020 Independent Book Publishers Association Benjamin Franklin Award in Education

This book will inspire you to step into educational leadership with confidence:

  • Examine the need for women in leadership positions at schools and districts.
  • Consider your own leadership identity and learn where to make adjustments.
  • Feel empowered to overcome gender barriers, female stereotypes, and the double bind experienced by women in leadership roles.
  • Gain tools and strategies for creating an action plan for effective instructional leadership in schools.
  • Learn about hard and soft leadership skills and their value in educational leadership.
  • Complete reflection activities to reinforce learning and professional leadership development.

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Product Code: BKF827

ISBN: 9781943874309

Published By: Solution Tree

Page Count: 256

Step In, Step Up is a must-read book for all women in education, at every level. It will help women reframe how they see themselves as leaders and break through the barriers, both internal and external, to amplifying their impact as educators. As in every sphere, we need more women challenging norms and leading change. If you’ve ever doubted your ability to be a powerful change agent, this book is for you.”

Margie Warrell, women’s leadership advocate; author, Stop Playing Safe and Make Your Mark

“This much-needed book, Step In, Step Up, is a guide for current and aspiring women leaders to use their sense of empowerment to discover their leadership identity and overcome the gender barriers to educational leadership. Authors Kise and Watterston dynamically engage the reader in identifying with their thorough research, explicit theory, and thought-provoking ideas that have worked in practice. As the authors note, ‘When women work with other women, great things can happen.’ This book needs to be on every woman’s bookshelf.”

Dr. Lyn Sharratt, international consultant and author

Step In, Step Up is a practical, informative, and accessible book that provides insightful advice for women either in or contemplating a career in school leadership. Interspersed throughout the book are provocative questions to help women reflect on their values, strengths, and skills, as well as useful strategies for dealing with barriers and challenges they are likely to face as they navigate the leadership journey.”

Lisa C. Ehrich, consultant; adjunct associate professor, faculty of education, Queensland University of Technology, Australia