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Pathways to Proficiency

Implementing Evidence-Based Grading

By: Troy Gobble, Mark Onuscheck, Anthony R. Reibel, Eric Twadell

This book provides the pathway for implementing evidence-based grading practices in schools through a straightforward, five-phase creative model.

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Pathways to Proficiency

Challenge traditional grading practices and adopt a new, more effective grading model for students. This book provides the pathway for implementing evidence-based grading practices in schools through a straightforward, five-phase creative model: (1) preparation, (2) incubation, (3) insight, (4) evaluation, and (5) elaboration. Readers will follow a hypothetical curriculum team’s journey through each phase of this process.

  • Recognize the challenges that can impede efforts to change grading practices.
  • Consider research that can help shape individualized, valuable professional learning experiences.
  • Identify the concepts and perspectives to which curriculum team members must commit, to successfully adopt evidence-based grading practices.
  • Discover the important relationships between learning targets and grading, feedback and instruction, assessment and grading, and gradebooks and learning.
  • Review valuable key points for each phase in the creative model for pursuing evidence-based grading.

Additional Information

Product Code: BKF682

ISBN: 9781942496137

Page Count: 176

Pathways to Proficiency takes an in-depth look at developing new grading practices that draw on student evidence of learning. Within these pages, you will find valuable information on why traditional grading fails our students, as well as ideas that will inspire you to create an evidence-based grading system that focuses on supporting students in the cycle of learning.”

Chris Sturgis, co-founder, CompetencyWorks

Pathways to Proficiency provides clear direction on how teams of educators can navigate the inherent complexities of assessment, grading, and reporting. It is refreshing to read a book that speaks to the critical role of student voice and empowerment, while arguing that we need to focus on the strengths of our students, rather than their mistakes.”

Myron Dueck, author of Grading Smarter, Not Harder: Assessment Strategies That Motivate Kids and Help Them Learn (ASCD, 2014)

“It’s rare that a book provides both a sound technical approach for school assessment and grading practices and a sound organizational pathway for achieving the needed changes in practice. Pathways to Proficiency does both in an engaging, case-study-driven context. It should be a very useful resource for schools wanting to bring their assessment and grading practices into the 21st century to support student success.”

Joan Herman, co-director, Emerita

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