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  1. Five Big Ideas for Leading a High Reliability School

    No matter your school improvement plan, data-driven leadership is key. These five big ideas will dispel popular myths long held by school and district leaders, reinvigorate your commitment to focus on the right work, and guide you in supporting the daily practices that matter most in achieving high levels of student success.



  2. Simplifying the Journey

    Six Steps to Schoolwide Collaboration, Consistency, and Clarity in a PLC at Work®

    Simplifying the Journey is not just another manual; it’s a road map for teacher and team transformation,” authors Bob Sonju, Maren Powers, and Sheline Miller write. Packed with strategies, tools, and step-by-step actions, this book is your go-to guide for efficient, productive collaboration among your teams.



  3. The Power of Effective Reading Instruction

    How Neuroscience Informs Instruction Across All Grades and Disciplines

    Karen Gazith holds a strong belief that teachers play a critical role in the success of their students. She emphasizes the need for effective instruction for all and intervention for those in need. This guide offers evidence-based practices for reading instruction that transform student proficiency across all content areas.



  4. Through New Eyes, Second Edition

    Examining the Culture of Your School

    Discover what a collaborative culture of student-centered learning looks like through the eyes of a struggling learner. Recorded at the award-winning Adlai E. Stevenson High School in Lincolnshire, Illinois, this video workshop is a great way to build unity around the why behind PLC at Work®: learning for all.


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  5. Ensuring Teachers Matter

    Where to Focus First So Students Matter Most

    Teachers are critical to the success of students. This book helps K–12 teachers understand how mattering is useful when examining some of the common problems educators face today, including high stress levels, job dissatisfaction, the pressures of public opinion, and the lack of a sustainable wage.



  6. Compassion as Our Compass

    20+ Professional Learning Activities to Nurture Educator Empathy

    This book demonstrates how to intentionally teach compassion. It guides teachers, leaders, administrators, counselors and school social workers on how to build strong, supportive relationships with students and each other. With helpful insights and activities, cultivating compassion, empathy, and inclusion can happen for all.



  7. Inspiring Lifelong Readers

    Using Inquiry to Engage Learners in Grades 6–12

    Featuring stories from the field and reproducible tools, Inspiring Lifelong Readers emphasizes the importance of reading and creating a community of readers, writers, communicators, and thinkers. This book will help you navigate the demands for students’ attention and enhance student engagement in literacy.



  8. AllThingsPLC Magazine Subscription

    AllThingsPLC Magazine is a must-have for emerging and veteran professional learning communities (PLCs). Each issue includes PLC research, inspiration, fixes, how-tos, and more.



  9. Power Engage

    Seven Power Moves for Building Strong Relationships to Increase Engagement With Students and Parents

    This book sounds an urgent alarm for educators to increase student, family, and community engagement in learning. Coach Carlos Johnson’s framework for performance-based relationships offers a valuable guide to motivating unmotivated students and deepening the investment of all stakeholders in effective classroom instruction.



  10. The Antiracist School Leader

    What to Know, Say, and Do

    Learn how to plan, test, and execute a comprehensive antiracist vision to transform the culture, curriculum, and conscience of your district and school administration. This book will challenge and empower you to partner with school staff and the community to tackle issues of systemic oppression that have impacted teaching and learning.



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