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Competency-Based Education Ignited

A Transformational Systemwide Approach for Leaders

By: Richard A. DeLorenzo, Roxanne L. Mourant

Foreword by: Robert J. Marzano

CBE Ignited is a call to action for transformation, shifting the traditional time-based educational system to a student-centered learning model. Gain a deep understanding of a CBE system along with critical steps for implementation that provide your students with the tools and processes to be empowered learners.

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Format: Paperback

A critical road map for implementing competency-based learning

The traditional system of education is failing our students. Evidence shows competency-based education (CBE) develops empowered learners who succeed, but effective implementation requires a systemwide, coordinated approach. Competency-Based Education Ignited offers school and district leaders a road map for successfully transitioning to CBE that involves actionable stages and a plan for creating a student-centered learning environment.

This book will help K–12 school and district leaders:

  • Understand student and teacher perspectives in a successful competency-based learning system
  • Take advantage of CBE implementation knowledge rooted in decades of experience
  • Examine essential questions to guide understanding in each chapter
  • Gain insight into the fundamental shift from covering material to facilitating true mastery of content and skills
  • Discover how a CBE system boosts student engagement and helps students create, deploy, and navigate their own learning

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Product Code: BKG166

ISBN: 9781960574022

Published By: Solution Tree

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