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Virtual Event FAQ

Accessing Virtual Events

How to Access My Virtual Events

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the program binder and session handouts?

These resources are located as PDF files on the Elevate platform, located under the “Program Guide & Session Handouts” tab.

Why aren’t my videos playing?

Our digital platforms require pop-ups to be enabled in order for content to play.

To enable pop-ups, please complete the following steps in your browser:

  • Under “Privacy and Security,” click the “Site Settings” button.
  • Select “Pop-ups and Redirects.”
  • To disable the pop-up blocker uncheck the “Blocked (recommended)” box.
  • To enable pop-ups on specific sites, check “Blocked (recommended)” and click “Add Next” to allow and enter the URL(s).

For more information on disabling pop-up blockers, with specific steps for each browser, click here.

I watched a video, but I can’t see my certificate.

Users must watch the entire video in order to receive a certificate. For assistance, please contact Virtual Reg Support.

Can I view my certificate after my 30-day event is over?

Yes. You will continue to have access to your certificate on the Solution Tree website dashboard. When you log in, click “Go to Event.” You will see a button on the left side of the screen that reads “Dashboard.” This link will show you all the previous products you have purchased, as well as all the certificates you have earned within each product.

If you don’t have your access code (sent via email), and your payment has been processed, please check your spam folder to confirm your access code email has not been marked as Spam.

Where do I get my access code?

For Virtual Institutes, all access codes are sent to the contact listed with the payment method (PO or credit card) on file. That contact is responsible for sending codes to Virtual Institute attendees.

For Virtual Registrations to Live Events and Portable Event Packages, you will receive an individual registration code. If you can’t find your code, please check your spam folder to confirm it didn’t get stuck there or behind a firewall. Contact [email protected] for all registration questions.

How often do I need to enter my access code?

This code should only be entered once. Once used, you will have access to your product without needing to enter it again. You can access an event or product quickly by finding it on your Dashboard.

How many times can a code be used? Who is my contact?

A product code can be used as many times as it has been purchased, but only once per attendee (do not re-enter codes). Your contact is the name that was listed with the payment method when the registrations were purchased.

When will we receive our event codes? When can I no longer purchase a registration for my event?

Codes are sent 7 days before the event starts. Registrations are no longer accepted 3 business days before the event starts.

Where are my event materials?

Portable Event Packages and Virtual Registrations to Live Events receive additional shipped materials.

Portable Event Package materials are shipped after the payment is received. Please allow 5-7 business days to receive materials after payment is received.

Virtual Registrations to Live Event materials are shipped as the event starts (all necessary materials are available digitally in the streaming platform). Please allow 5-7 business days to receive materials.