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Digital Learning Professional Learning

  • EXPLORE how to apply modern learning practices to accelerate student achievement
  • DEVELOP plans for implementing modern learning practices
  • ENSURE equitable digital implementation schoolwide or districtwide
  • GAIN strategies for seamlessly incorporating technology into classroom lessons

Our On-Site Professional Learning for Digital Learning and Technology

Developing successful learners in today’s tech-driven world is a big challenge—and we’re here to help. You can rely on our innovative resources and professional development for teachers and leaders to guide your work in integrating technology in the classroom and preparing students for college and career.

Where are you on your professional learning journey?

Your Goal

Building Your Skills

One‑Day Services

Creating a Digital-Rich Classroom

Design and deliver standards-based lessons in which technology plays an integral role.

  • Understand the research base and practical strategies for using Web 2.0 tools.
  • Create engaging lessons that transform and enrich content.

Creating the Anywhere, Anytime Classroom

Recommended Resource

Civics Education Transformed: Authentic, Student-Centered, and Technology Enhanced

We are experiencing a renewed call to strengthen civics education across our country. Today’s students must effectively evaluate the validity of claims in the digital media space, take and defend positions across multiple platforms, and utilize technology to inform and mobilize their community around ideas they care about. To achieve this, all students deserve civics education experiences that are authentic and student-centered and that leverage technology to enhance learning experiences. In this session, participants will:

  • Recognize the evolving nature of modern citizenship and civic engagement
  • Understand the core characteristics of high-quality civics education
  • Leverage educational technologies to amplify best practices in civics instruction
  • Effectively integrate civics instruction across curriculum areas

Becoming Active Citizens

Recommended Resource

Your Goal

Deepening Your Skills

Two‑to‑Four‑Day Services

Enhancing Teaching and Learning through Technology

Rely on our digital learning experts to help you implement a technology program aligned to the ISTE Standards for Students. Participants will discover how to actively engage today’s connected generation of students, give them a voice and choice in how they learn, and ensure they are equipped with the skills and knowledge needed for success inside and outside of the classroom.

Growing Global Digital Citizens

Recommended Resource

Reimagining Schools for Modern Learners

Discover a modern approach to education that includes new methods and practices for developing confident and creative learners.

  • Understand the modern contexts for teaching and learning created by globally networked technologies.
  • Develop a mission, vision, and plan for moving classrooms, schools, and professional practice forward in meaningful and sustainable ways.

Solutions for Digital Learner–Centered Classrooms series

Recommended Resource

Enacting Your Mission through Student-Centered Planning, Teaching, and Learning Systems

Break the cycle of endless busywork to achieve sustainable change. Participants will learn how to commit to a few clear, learning-focused goals—and then act on them—using the input-output-impact (I-O-I) framework.

  • Learn the why-what-how sequence of change and how it provides a path to greater goal clarity and effectiveness.

Moving Beyond Busy

Recommended Resource

Innovative Strategies for Future-Focused Learning

For students to be ready for anything, our paradigm of schooling must change. New thinking and new approaches are needed to feed students’ minds, curiosity, and aspirations.

  • Understand what a future-ready learner actually looks like and the role you can play in assisting with the process.

Ready for Anything

Recommended Resource

Transforming Schools with Cognitively Engaged Classrooms

Embrace teacher-tested instructional strategies for transforming classrooms into a vibrant thinking environment. Educators will learn how to engage students’ cognitive abilities and foster essential 21st century skills—from critical thinking and problem-solving to teamwork and creativity.

  • Analyze and develop tasks at various cognitive levels.
  • Engage in strategies for sustaining classroom engagement promoting movement, collaboration, and media literacy, and identify plans to implement them in your classroom.

50 Strategies to Boost Cognitive Engagement

Recommended Resource

Connected Classrooms

Drawing on research across vast K–12 contexts, this workshop invites you to reimagine the online, blended, and global classroom. You will use the connected classrooms framework to operationalize people-centered practices in your school community. Attendees will leave with practical strategies for teaching in technology-mediated, multicultural, and multilingual classrooms.

  • Identify resources, strengths, and assets in your school community.
  • Cultivate key connected teaching opportunities within a beginning-middle-end structure.
  • Brainstorm to solve a particular challenge you are facing using the connected teaching framework.
  • Set specific goals to support people-centered teaching and learning.

Connected Classrooms

Recommended Resource

The Power of Unstoppable Momentum

Your school district can revolutionize its culture to improve student learning. This book details a simple but powerful process for integrating technology, pedagogy, and deep learning that leads to lasting change. Included are real examples of districts, including Mooresville Graded School District—a lowly funded, 50 percent poverty school district in North Carolina—that attained pedagogically driven, digitally accelerated success.

  • Study how to form a strong cultural foundation that fosters student growth.
  • Examine why human capital, social capital, and decisional capital are essential for sustaining deep learning.
  • Discover the new thinking and actions that must underpin the use of technology in order to achieve the goal of improved learning for all students.
  • Study eight core lessons from Mooresville Graded School District’s (MGSD) journey that are essential to effective cultural change efforts.
  • Survey encouraging cases of lasting, deep whole-system change from MGSD and six districts that learned from MGSD’s example.

The Power of Unstoppable Momentum

Recommended Resource

From Pencils to Podcasts

Fully embedding technology into the curriculum is key to preparing students to meet the demands of the 21st century. The authors provide K–6 teachers with practical suggestions for incorporating technology into familiar literacy practices and illustrate ways technology can deepen students literacy development. Each chapter includes information about easy-to-use technology tools, examples from real classrooms, and step-by-step instructions to get started.

  • Appraise how 21st century notions of literacy differ from traditional notions of literacy.
  • Consider research that states why it is crucial to include digital tools in todays classrooms.
  • Learn how to enable students to create, communicate, collaborate, share, reflect, and assess through digital means.
  • Gain step-by-step instructions for incorporating easily implemented digital tools into classroom practices, and see these tools and practices in action through vignettes.
  • Receive tips for adapting the suggested digital tools and instructional strategies to meet the needs of different content areas.

From Pencils to Podcasts

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Your Goal

Sustaining Your Skills

Multi‑Day Services

Customized Services

Share your specific challenges, and we’ll design and deliver a customized learning experience. Available for on-site support as well as virtual training, our experts can guide your team through every phase of implementing a digital learning program, from developing digital policies and procedures to incorporating blended learning practices into classrooms.

Global PD Teams

Empower your teams to best support student success. Global PD Teams is your one-stop digital resource for professional learning by renowned experts in preK–12 education. Choose Global PD Teams when you need:

  • Daily, convenient access to real-time school improvement models and strategies
  • Job-embedded professional development
  • Resources to build collective teacher efficacy
  • Clear learning paths toward student achievement and school improvement
  • Quality content from authors you know and trust

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