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Apply powerful RTI practices that are simple, practical, and effective

Our On-Site Professional Learning for RTI at Work

Gain high-quality, personalized RTI training for teachers and administrators by bringing Solution Tree's RTI at Work experts to your school. Discover proven teaching strategies and tools you can rely on to help improve your interventions at all tiers of the RTI pyramid and keep the focus on what's really important—high levels of learning for all students.

Where are you on your professional learning journey?

Your school or district is ready to start building expertise with RTI professional development. See one-day services

You need specialized professional learning services to continue deepening your expertise in RTI. See two-four day services

You’re a high-functioning team looking to sustain your expertise and achievement with RTI. See multi-day services

Your Goal

Building Your Skills

One‑Day Services


An expert RTI at Work author or certified associate will energize and engage your team to help build momentum in your RTI practices. Our keynoters can address the topic that is right for your school, including an introduction to the essential elements of RTI, strategies to help prioritize learning outcomes, or the most current best practices for interventions and enrichment.

RTI at Work Overview

This on-site workshop provides a comprehensive overview of the RTI at Work model. You and your team will be introduced to the essential elements needed to create a highly effective, multitiered system of support (MTSS) to ensure all students learn at high levels. This includes how to:

  • Build effective teams to know when and how to respond to students
  • Prioritize essential learning outcomes for optimal focus on what students should learn
  • Target assessments to help identify what they have learned or not
  • Systematically respond when students need remediation and enrichment

Recommended for: Schools and teacher teams who practice RTI and MTSS and who are ready to take the next step. This service is also for onboarding new teachers in schools where the RTI at Work model is implemented.

Your Goal

Deepening Your Skills

Two‑Four Day Services

Simplifying Response to Intervention

Learning a successful RTI model begins by asking the right questions to create a fundamentally effective learning environment for every student. RTI is not a series of implementation steps, but rather a way of thinking, including how to:

  • Create a focused RTI model that works
  • Shift to a culture of collective responsibility and build team structures for collaboration
  • Develop a system of convergent assessment to identify students for intervention, determine their unique needs, monitor their progress, and adjust learning opportunities based on their progress

RTI at Work 2-Day Workshop

Learn to refine your RTI processes or overcome your RTI challenges in this workshop for school teams. RTI is not a series of implementation steps to cross off on a list, but a way of thinking about how educators can ensure each student receives the time and support needed to achieve success.

  • Help your school make RTI efficient, effective, and equitable.
  • Create and support teacher, leadership, and intervention teams.
  • Create a toolbox of effective interventions.
  • Address complex issues such as motivation, attendance, and behavior.

Scheduling Time for Interventions and Enrichment

Give all students the help and enrichment they need. Discover practical strategies to build intervention and enrichment periods into the school day, and overcome implementation challenges to ensure all students are successful.

  • Work in collaborative teams to create targeted interventions and enrichments.
  • Revise schedules to build intervention periods without extending the school day.
  • Understand the challenges to creating intervention time, and gain tips to overcome them.

Your Goal

Sustaining Your Skills

Multi‑Day Services

Embedded Coaching

Give your staff on-site RTI training from an expert with firsthand experience. Your coach will provide specific direction based on your team’s unique challenges and goals—from establishing a multitiered system of support to making time for quality interventions without compromising core instruction. This targeted support will empower educators at all levels to take the necessary daily steps to ensure they meet every student’s academic and behavioral needs.

Customized Services

Partner with us to develop a custom learning plan designed to meet your unique needs and challenges. With our evidence-based RTI content along with on-site professional development and virtual training opportunities, we are uniquely positioned to help you build an MTSS that’s strong enough to make a real difference in student achievement.

Global PD

Provide job-embedded professional development by giving your team access to videos and books on multitiered systems of support. Presented by experts in the field, the videos are between 3 and 15 minutes, and the books can be browsed by chapter to accommodate your team's busy schedules. Teachers can refresh their knowledge of RTI from experts like Mike Mattos, Austin Buffum, Luis F. Cruz, and Rebecca DuFour. Plus, use the Simplifying Response to Intervention video playlist to:

  • Explore teacher-team supported Tier 1 core programs
  • Determine essential standards
  • Turn data into usable information

Coaching Academy

Our yearlong Coaching Academy provides the most in-depth professional learning solution for practitioners who want comprehensive training on RTI concepts, practical applications, and sustainability. This integrated instructional design will maximize learning potential the whole year through and includes:

  • RTI at Work resources that will assist in initiating and sustaining an open exchange of ideas and advance educator knowledge
  • Six days of on-site training (three sessions, two days each) so teams develop new skills and an action plan for immediate implementation
  • Yearlong support by phone, email, or both, to help with individual questions

This focus on initial instruction, systematic response, and system refinement will result in a highly motivated cadre of leaders who act as change agents for RTI within your school or district.

Recommended for: School and district leaders who are committed to systematically transforming their organizational response to students who need remediation and enrichment

RTI at Work Pyramid

Why RTI at Work?

The vision of RTI at Work is for collaborative teams to work together to identify what’s most essential for students to learn, develop common assessments that measure learning, and provide targeted support to learners who need it.

The four Cs are the essential guiding principles of RTI—without them, it is impossible for schools to ensure all students succeed.

The 4 Cs of RTI at Work:

  1. Collective responsibility—A shared belief that the primary responsibility of each member of the organization is to ensure high levels of learning for every child
  2. Concentrated instruction—A collaborative process that focuses teacher teams on the skills and knowledge most important to the student and his or her future
  3. Convergent assessment—An ongoing process of collecting targeted information to add depth and breadth to the understanding of each student’s individual needs, obstacles, and points of learning leverage
  4. Certain access—A systematic process that guarantees every student will receive the time and support needed to learn at high levels