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  1. Impactful Presentations: Essential Skills for School Leaders

    San Diego, California |  February 22–23, 2021

    Presenters: Tammy Heflebower

    No matter the size or disposition of your audience, conveying a pertinent, memorable message takes specific knowledge, skill, and practice.

    USD $689.00

    Seats available

  2. Response to Intervention at Work™ Workshop

    San Diego, California |  February 24–25, 2021

    Presenters: Mike Mattos

    Discover how to build and sustain a schoolwide or districtwide RTI program that is efficient, effective, and equitable.

    USD $689.00

    Seats available

  3. Grading From the Inside Out Workshop

    Pasadena, California |  March 1–2, 2021

    Presenters: Tom Schimmer

    This workshop is focused on the practices and processes that will modernize grading and reporting systems to be more aligned to our standards-based instructional paradigm.

    USD $689.00

    Seats available

  4. Amplify Your Impact: Coaching Collaborative Teams in PLCs at Work® Workshop

    Pasadena, California |  March 3–4, 2021

    Presenters: Michael J. Maffoni

    Learn how to provide the clarity, feedback, and support necessary for teams to grow in the right work and leave with a plan for implementing best coaching practices in your school or district.

    USD $689.00

    Seats available

  5. School Improvement for All Workshop

    San Francisco, California |  March 8–9, 2021

    Presenters: Sarah Schuhl

    During this two-day workshop, Sharon Kramer shares a clear path to continuous improvement. Teachers and administrators will discover how to work together as a team of leaders to create systematic processes and implement best practices that ensure the learning of every student.

    USD $689.00

    Seats available

  6. The 15-Day Challenge: Putting All the Pieces of Daily Life in a PLC at Work® Together Workshop

    San Diego, California |  April 19–20, 2021

    Presenters: Maria Nielsen

    Maria Nielsen helps teams see the big picture of a PLC and put it all together in a recurring cycle of collective inquiry. The 15-day challenge is a practical way to bring the PLC process to life.

    USD $689.00

    Seats available

  7. Designing Engaging Assessments in Five Essential Phases Workshop

    San Francisco, California |  April 28–29, 2021

    Presenters: Nicole Dimich

    Deepen your understanding of formative and summative assessments, and learn how to design assessments that guide instruction, involve students, and communicate learning.

    USD $689.00

    Seats available

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