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Inside the Treehouse Podcast

A Podcast About All Things Education

Join host Jeffrey C. Jones, CEO of Solution Tree, as he leads compelling conversations with some of the greatest minds in education. No topic is off limits as Jeff and his guests offer up thought-provoking insights, refreshingly honest reflection, unique perspectives, and real-world advice.

Whether you are a beginning or veteran teacher, a singleton in your school, or an administrator, this podcast will serve as your catalyst for ensuring all students learn at high levels.

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Season 1

Bonus: A Conversation with Mike Mattos and Anthony Muhammad: Revisiting PLC at Work®

Episode 15: A Conversation with Eric Twadell: From Floods and Fire to Winds to Change

Episode 14: A Conversation with Timothy D. Kanold: Early Life Struggles, Filling Big Shoes, and Finding Successes

Episode 13: A Conversation with Douglas Rife: Never Judging a Book By Its Cover

Episode 12: A Conversation with Dr. Tina Boogren: Putting Yourself First and Pelotons

Episode 11: A Conversation with Dr. Luis Cruz: Leaving Behind Luigi for Luis

Episode 10: A Conversation with Shannon Ritz - From Pom-Poms to PD

Episode 9: A Conversation with Cassandra Erkens - Happy Accidents and Assessments

Episode 8: A Conversation with Dr. Robert J. Marzano: Our Rockstar of Research

Episode 7: The Recipe for Success – A Conversation with Phil Warrick

Episode 6: RTI at Work That Works: A Conversation with Mike Mattos

Episode 5: Life Through Many Lenses--A Conversation with Sharon Kramer

Episode 4: The Great Assist!--A Conversation with Brian Butler

Episode 3: Fulfillment Is the Key--A Conversation with Douglas Reeves

Episode 2: These Are Not Irredeemable Throwaways--A Conversation with Anthony Muhammad

Episode 1: The Beginning--A Conversation with Dr. Bob Eaker

Trailer: Welcome to the Treehouse