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Whether you dive deeper into our best-selling content using PD Playlists, earn a micro-credential with a mini-course, or choose the all-inclusive Global PD library to increase your knowledge, you’ll receive top-notch professional learning from our trusted education experts. Our goal-oriented training will ensure you improve student learning, using research-based best practices.


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Curated video-based PD playlists aligned to key concepts in our best-selling books 20–40 videos on
specific topics
20–40 videos on
specific topics
700+ videos (3,900 minutes) across multiple topics700+ videos (3,900 minutes) across multiple topics
Mini-Course with quizzes to confirm understanding155
Report(s) to analyze usage
(administrator view | groups of 5 or more)
Tracking tool to monitor team progress and completion of videos and courses
(administrator view | groups of 5 or more)
Certificate(s) of course completion
Online book chapters100+ chapters across multiple topics100+ chapters across multiple topics
Reproducibles and study guides100+ tools across multiple topics100+ tools across multiple topics
Custom playlist tool for creating personalized learning
Video and playlist sharing tool for collaborating with other subscribers in your group
(groups of 5 or more)
Commenting and feedback tool for teams
(groups of 5 or more)
Live online coachingAdd-on optionAdd-on option