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Transition your district into a thriving PLC

Work with us to create and sustain a professional learning community where key practices and strategies are embedded in the culture of your district. With help from our experts, you will create a comprehensive learning infrastructure to address priorities and build collective capacity for continuous improvement. Create clarity of purpose, a common vision, collective commitments, and agreed-upon goals to move the district forward.

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“We were just a group of people who got together occasionally and talked about gripes. Then we started this journey and became part of the decision-making process, and our conversations focused on the curriculum and the learning, and we became a team.”

—Christy Tipton, fifth-grade teacher, Frank Mitchell Intermediate School, Arkansas

Phase 1

Preparatory stage

The PLC at Work™ lead associate will develop a report that documents the work the district has already done to become a PLC that includes a recommended plan of action.

Build a PLC foundation.

Create a district guiding coalition. Introduce the PLC at Work™ process to all of your stakeholders. Develop a shared mission, vision, collective commitments, and goals. Build a sustainable infrastructure and communication process.

  • Overview With Central Office Personnel
    Develop an understanding of roles.
  • Two-Day Overview
    Overview for the guiding coalition
  • One-Day Keynote
    Ensure staff embrace the process.
  • Online Course
    Deepen staff understanding of PLCs.

  • Overview With Central Office Personnel
    This one-day overview will focus on their role throughout the process. A memorandum of understanding will be developed and signed by both the district and Solution Tree specifying the commitments each will make.
  • Two-Day Overview
    This two-day overview will be with key central office and building personnel who will make up the guiding coalition.
  • One-Day Keynote
    An expert PLC Work™ keynoter will ensure the entire staff embraces the PLC at Work™ process by recognizing the importance of a collaborative culture to create and sustain healthy schools.
  • Online Course (optional)
    All staff and key leaders will have the opportunity to deepen their understanding of PLC at Work™ and school improvement by taking the online course The PLC at Work™ Process Today. In large districts, this option may be beneficial to build background knowledge quickly.

Develop teams and a collaborative culture.

Build a collaborative culture that is committed to collective inquiry, action research, and continuous improvement. Help all students achieve at high levels by working in teams, not in isolation.

  • Coaching Academy
    Six days of on-site training for site-based leadership teams

  • Coaching Academy
    The academy includes six days of on-site training designed to develop the internal capacity for implementing and sustaining the PLC at Work™ process at each school and in the entire district.

Phase 2

Identify essential student outcomes.

Ensure high levels of learning for all students. Focus on the four critical questions that will drive your PLC at Work™ process. Create a districtwide blueprint for achieving your learning outcomes.

  • District Curriculum Maps and Pacing Guides
    Optional four-day hands-on workshop
  • One Day On-Site for Each School
    Determine essential outcomes for each school.

  • District Curriculum Maps and Pacing Guides (optional)
    Experience a four-day hands-on workshop with a PLC at Work™ content expert and your district curriculum leaders who can take you through the process of mapping the curriculum and developing optional pacing guides.
  • One Day On-Site for Each School
    Each school team will spend one day with a PLC at Work™ associate to ensure their essential outcomes become student-friendly learning targets. Teams will determine their own essential outcomes while aligning to district mapping and pacing.

Assess student learning.

Develop a shared understanding of assessments, implement common formative assessments, analyze evidence of student learning, and use that evidence to learn from one another and respond to the individual needs of students.

  • Collaborative Common Assessments 2-Day Workshop
    Learn to develop quality assessments as a team.

  • Building Collaborative Common Assessments 2-Day Workshop
    Explore the tight-loose structure of collaborative common assessments. Gain tools, protocols, and strategies to design and effectively employ quality assessments that enable teams to collect meaningful instructional data and respond appropriately with interventions and enrichments.

Student intervention and enrichment

Build a systematic process to provide additional time and support for students who are experiencing difficulty. Use this process to ensure every student has a clear path to deeper learning.

  • RTI at Work™ 2-Day Workshops
    Learn how to make RTI efficient, effective, and equitable.

  • RTI at Work™ 2-Day Workshops
    Learn why bureaucratic, paperwork-heavy, compliance-oriented, test-score-driven approaches fail—and then learn how to create an RTI model that works. Acquire four essential guiding principles and a simple process for implementation to help your school make RTI efficient, effective, and equitable.

Phase 3

Drive the PLC process deeper into the district and school culture.

Work with a PLC at Work™ associate to analyze your progress on district SMART goal attainment, alignment of resources, and evidence of a focus on results.

  • Site-based leadership teams from the coaching academy will continue to lead PLC implementation in their schools.
  • Teams continue to build formative assessments to impact learning in the classroom.
  • Additional professional development may be added for schools that desire continued coaching in the areas specified in their progress reports.

Additional services included in phases 1–3

  • Virtual Coaching for Principals
    Staying focused on the important work rather than the immediate problems arising daily in a school is a challenge for all schools leaders. Coaching calls will provide support with problem solving and roadblocks; help refocus leaders on learning results and achieving SMART goals; and offer tips for building a healthy culture, developing trust, and resolving conflicts. Each principal will receive virtual coaching throughout the three-phase process.
  • Global PD
    Global PD is an online solution designed to assist educators implementing the PLC at Work™ process. Educators will gain access to a set of tools and dashboards for managing teams, common assessments, and interventions, as well as a library of hundreds of short, topical videos and other resources. Each school’s subscription to Global PD will last throughout the three-phase process.
  • Progress Report
    Receive an unbiased observation of each school’s PLC at Work™ implementation. An expert facilitation team will conduct an on-site analysis of each school’s current practices and recommend next steps for improvement. A progress report will be created for each school once during the three-phase process.
  • Online Course
    All new staff will deepen their understanding of PLC at Work™ and school improvement by taking the online course The PLC at Work™ Process Today.
  • Data Day With the Guiding Coalition and School Leadership Teams
    Each school will share their data and celebrate successes.
  • Hybrid Event
    Host a PLC at Work™ Institute from the comfort of your own school. Live streaming video provides dynamic and engaging keynotes, breakouts, and panel discussions. A PLC at Work™ associate will be on-site at your school to facilitate discussions, offer feedback, and personalize the learning experience.

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