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Learn the mathematics you teach by doing the mathematics you teach

Help your students overcome their math anxiety

Building fluency with basic math facts doesn’t have to be about using rote memorization or time-driven standards. Foster a more supportive learning environment for your students with reasoning, sense-making, and engaging teaching strategies.

This free white paper reveals six tactics that comprise the 20-week Fact Tactics™ Fluency Program and a structure for developing multiplication fact fluency to prepare students for algebra without increasing math anxiety. With the right strategy, you can implement this in your classrooms, schools, or districts.

Ready to start improving mathematics teaching and learning? Take the first step by downloading the Building Multiplication Fact Fluency through Reasoning white paper created by Juli K. Dixon.

Take measure of your mathematics practices

When mathematics achievement just isn’t adding up, we can help you improve your results. Built on proven best practices, and based on decades of firsthand classroom experience, DNA Mathematics focuses on enhancing the knowledge, skills, and effectiveness of mathematics teachers so students can receive the best education possible.

Ready to start improving mathematics teaching and learning? Take the first step by downloading the What Does it Mean to Teach Mathematics with Focus, Coherence, and Rigor, and How is it Achieved? white paper created by Juli K. Dixon, Edward C. Nolan, and Thomasenia Lott Adams.

DNA Mathematics Professional Development for Teachers

On-Site Professional Development

Bring DNA Mathematics experts to your school or district for a deep dive into relevant mathematics content, effective pedagogical actions, appropriate classroom norms, meaningful assessment, and collaborative teacher team efforts.

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DNA Mathematics Books and Teaching Resources

Books & Videos

Our Making Sense of Mathematics for Teaching series comes complete with two video episodes for each chapter.

This modeling of good mathematics teaching provides opportunities for teachers to discuss what is happening in their own classrooms with the same mathematical content.

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