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ProPath Needs Assessment

Gain the formative insights you need to emerge stronger

Our in-depth Needs Assessment gives you the insights to develop your team and create the environment for sustained success. Gain deep insight into your school as we collect data from an anonymous 56-question staff perception survey, host an individualized focus group with select staff, and review work products that you provide.

We’ll deliver to you a multi-page, detailed report that highlights your school’s strengths and opportunities to grow in five potential key areas: leadership, school culture, curriculum, instruction, and assessment.

Choose the Needs Assessment to:

  • Gain deep insight into your school by collecting data from focus groups, school artifacts, and a staff perception survey
  • Review a detailed report that highlights strengths and areas for school improvement
  • Receive custom PD recommendations for each participating school site

Discover How a Needs Assessment Can Inform Your Improvement Plan