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Finding Your Blind Spot

12 brain-based principles to build a better life and become a better teacher

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There’s More to the Story

There’s More to the Story

In this valuable resource, the authors share recommendations for diverse and culturally relevant, quality children’s literature that explores important aspects of social-emotional learning. In each chapter, book suggestions are paired with activities that promote positive self-reflection and compassionate action toward others.

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You Can Learn!

You Can Learn!

Great learning starts when students believe in their academic abilities. In You Can Learn!, authors Tim Brown and William M. Ferriter introduce intentional and purposeful steps collaborative teams can take to increase the self-efficacy of every learner. By incorporating the book's research-backed practices, professional learning communities will cultivate a culture where students at every grade level see themselves as competent learners fully capable of succeeding in school and beyond.

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Every day your students get one step closer to graduation.

We are committed to helping you ensure they are equipped with the knowledge and skills to succeed inside and outside of your school’s walls. For more than two decades, we’ve published resources with one goal in mind: to help educators like you develop students into accomplished 21st century citizens.

Our books & videos editorial process

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Written by some of the most respected voices in education, Solution Tree titles are highly sought-after by new and veteran educators alike. To make certain we publish the highest quality educational books and DVDs available, every book we publish goes through a rigorous six-step publishing process:

    A potential author submits his or her book proposal to our publishing team.
    If the proposal makes a distinct contribution to the field of education and offers practical solutions, sample chapters are sent to K–12 educators and experts for review.
    After receiving feedback, our editorial board will decide whether to publish the submission— only the best of the best make it through this stage.
    If the proposal is selected for publication, the author will make revisions based on educator and expert feedback and finalize a draft.
    The completed draft is submitted to K–12 educators and experts for another round of feedback.
    The author crafts a final draft, incorporating feedback and fine-tuning every detail to ensure the content is relevant and inspiring to teachers and leaders.

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Book studies can lead to stronger schools and higher student achievement.
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Delve deep into book content while earning a microcredential. Based on select best-selling titles, our Mini-Courses are packed with research-based strategies and techniques on education’s most critical topics.
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