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The Beginning Teacher’s Field Guide

Embarking on Your First Years

The joys and pains of starting a teaching career often go undiscussed. This guide explores the personal side of teaching, outlining classroom strategies and self-care practices.


  • Understand the feelings and teaching challenges of each phase during a beginning teacher’s career.
  • Practice self-care to combat beginning and first-year teacher stress and burnout; avoid the mental pitfalls that so often lead to teachers changing careers.
  • Learn effective classroom-management strategies for new teachers and how to maintain positive relationships with students.
  • Respond to prompts that will help you process and reflect on your first years’ culmination.
  • Utilize the prompts and journaling spaces throughout the book to reflect on your professional improvements and successes.

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The Beginning Teacher’s Field Guide

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Introduction: First Things First
Chapter 1: The Anticipation Phase
Chapter 2: The Survival Phase
Chapter 3: The Disillusionment Phase
Chapter 4: The Rejuvenation Phase
Chapter 5: The Reflection Phase
Chapter 6: The Second Anticipation Phase
Epilogue: The Year in Retrospect
Appendix A: End-of-the-Year Activities
Appendix B: Mementos





Classroom Resources


Inspirational Quotes and Stories

Meditation Applications

Self-Care Resources