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Enriched Learning Projects

A Practical Pathway to 21st Century Skills

Translate standards-based content into enriched learning projects that build 21st century skills. A valuable tool for teachers, this book uses an enriched learning projects model to develop student skills in communication, collaboration, critical thinking, creativity, and global and cross-cultural awareness. It highlights e-tools that enhance projects and presents research-based instructional strategies that engage students.


  • Gain strategies that maximize student chances for higher achievement while meeting standards.
  • Enrich your instruction with electronic tools that facilitate collaboration, communication, critical and creative thinking, and problem solving.
  • Get a template and examples for designing and assessing enriched learning experiences.

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A Practical Pathway to 21st Century Skills

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Chapter 1: A New Paradigm for Instruction
Chapter 2: Planning Your Enriched Learning Project
Chapter 3: Technology Tools for Enriched Learning Projects
Chapter 4: Which Instructional Strategies Count Most?
Chapter 5: Nurturing Quality Thinking
Chapter 6: Making Critical Thinking Matter
Chapter 7: Creating a Collaborative Classroom Culture
Chapter 8: Assessing Enriched Projects
Chapter 9: An Enriched Project Sampler
Appendix: The Research on Project-Based Learning



To identify the standards for your state and subject area, search "state education standards" plus the state name or the professional organization for your subject area. In order to develop the samples used in this book, the following sites were helpful:

In order to show a variety of state samples in this book, the following sites—in particular, the Massachusetts site—were helpful:

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