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  1. Mona Toncheff

    Mona Toncheff


    Mona Toncheff, an education consultant and author, is project manager for the Arizona Mathematics Partnership (a National Science Foundation-funded grant). She is a former mathematics content specialist.

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  2. Carol Ann Tomlinson

    Carol Ann Tomlinson

    Differentiated Instruction Instruction

    Carol Ann Tomlinson, EdD, is an author, a consultant, a trainer, and a presenter who works throughout the United States and abroad with teachers to develop more responsive, heterogeneous classrooms.

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  3. Jennifer Tobias

    Jennifer Tobias


    Jennifer Tobias, PhD, is an associate professor at Illinois State University. She specializes in elementary mathematics with emphasis on preparing prospective elementary teachers and developing their understanding of mathematics.

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  4.  Cheryl Zintgraff Tibbals

    Cheryl Zintgraff Tibbals

    Cheryl Tibbals served as a teacher and district leader in California; state director of assessment development in Kentucky; director of the State Leadership Center in Washington, DC; and national consultant and senior advisor to states, districts, and education businesses.

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  5. Tesha Ferriby Thomas

    Tesha Ferriby Thomas

    Leadership Professional Learning Communities

    Tesha Ferriby Thomas believes passionately in the power of PLCs, which she has worked to develop in multiple schools as an assistant superintendent, assistant principal, department chairperson, and classroom teacher.

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  6. Aisha Lynn Thomas

    Aisha Lynn Thomas

    Professional Learning Communities

    Aisha Lynn Thomas is the principal of Zach Elementary in Fort Collins, Colorado. She has previously served as a middle school office manager, school counselor, district lead secondary school counselor, and assistant principal.

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  7. Marisol Thayre

    Marisol Thayre

    Instruction Literacy

    Marisol Thayre is a teacher at Health Sciences High and Middle College in California. She teaches American literature and expository writing to upper division students of varying abilities and levels.

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  8. Shelley Taylor

    Shelley Taylor

    School Improvement

    Shelley Taylor is a director with the Consortium for Educational Change, an Illinois-based nonprofit organization. She has 16 years of experience as a teacher, instructional coach, and district administrator.

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  9. Rusty Taylor

    Rusty Taylor

    Leadership Professional Learning Communities Science Teams

    Rusty Taylor has been a professional educator since 1997, serving as a science teacher, middle school assistant principal, and principal at both the middle and high school levels.

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  10. Janet Lynne Tassell

    Janet Lynne Tassell

    21st Century Skills Curriculum Instruction Technology

    Janet Lynne Tassell, PhD, is an associate professor at Western Kentucky University, where she teaches elementary math methods and directs the Elementary Mathematics Specialist Endorsement program.

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