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Riding the Wave Book Study

This book study will prepare teachers to adapt to sudden changes in education, as well as provide strategies on how to strengthen professional relationships and build the skills necessary to succeed.

Wednesdays beginning June 3 through July 1


Time: 1:00 p.m. EDT

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Strengthen professional relationships and adapt to career changes in teaching

The most important issue facing modern educators is knowing how to identify and adapt to new circumstances, often not of their own choosing. The Riding the Wave book study will explore different strategies for ensuring that teachers at all phases of their careers have the skills necessary to succeed in an era of sudden change in the profession. The one thing that is constant in education is change, and knowing how it impacts the different relationships in a teacher's career is essential. Identifying and strengthening these relationships is the key to successfully riding the wave in the future, instead of being crushed by new waves of change and reform.

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Number of sessions: 5 (one book section per session)


  • Wednesday, June 3 | Riding the Wave By Yourself
  • Wednesday, June 10 | Riding the Wave with Your Students
  • Wednesday, June 17 | Riding the Wave with Your Colleagues
  • Wednesday, June 24 | Riding the Wave with Your Administrators
  • Wednesday, July 1 | Riding the Wave with Your Community

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