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What About Us?

The PLC at Work® Process for Grades PreK–2 Teams

By: Diane Kerr, Tracey A. Hulen, Jacqueline Heller, Brian K. Butler

Foreword by: Douglas Reeves

Achieve the full potential of PreK–2 classrooms through proven best practices aligned to the PLC at Work® process. Use team tools and take collective responsibility to boost early childhood learning and development.

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Format: Paperback

A guide to implementing the PLC at Work process in early childhood education classrooms

Early childhood learning is a critical launchpad for every student’s social, emotional, and intellectual growth. With What About Us?, you will discover how to achieve the full potential of PreK–2 classrooms through proven best practices aligned to the PLC at Work® process. Learn how to work in collaborative teams to determine essential standards, design assessments, monitor student progress, and more.

  • Understand how the PLC at Work process and early childhood learning go hand-in-hand.
  • Learn the various aspects of what goes into creating an effective PLC for early childhood learning.
  • Explore the environmental, cultural, and academic needs of an early childhood learner in the formative years.
  • Map out effective curricula that encompass the practices embodied by PLC at Work and promote social-emotional learning.
  • Grasp the importance of operating effectively as a whole-school team.

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Product Code: BKF941

ISBN: 9781949539691

Published By: Solution Tree

“It is almost impossible to overestimate the paramount impact of early childhood education on a student’s future success in school and beyond. When children develop a solid foundation of literacy, numeracy, and self-efficacy, their future learning soars. Ensuring every student masters these essential skills and behaviors will undoubtedly require a collaborative effort, focused on practices proven to work, and tailored to the unique developmental needs of preschool and primary grade students. That is exactly what the award-winning authors provide in this outstanding book! Built on the PLC at Work process, this resource provides complete action steps, targeted tools, and real-life examples to support early-childhood educators. Because the best intervention is prevention, investing in this book now will undoubtedly diminish the need for costly, intensive remediation later.”

Mike Mattos, educational consultant, presenter, and author

What About Us? is a treasure of information and resources for our unsung heroes—early childhood educators and administrators. Within these pages, you will find practical strategies and evidence of collaborative teams doing the work of PLCs while focusing on the specific academic and social needs of early learners. By using the strategies and processes in this book, my school has transformed from a failing school in 2015 into a thriving, successful school that was recently named a National Model PLC at Work school. This book is a must-read for all early childhood educators!”

Maria Espinoza, principal of Freeport Elementary, Texas, National Model PLC at Work School 2020

What About Us? accentuates the fact that using the PLC process to analyze student academic and social-emotional learning can be successful at every level, especially those essential early years we so often overlook.”

Brian Benevides, principal of Glenmoor Elementary School, California

“This book is a treasure trove packed with all aspects of early childhood learning. If you have been involved in the work of a PLC for years or if you are new to the process, this is a resource your team will highlight and tab for years to come. I love how it connects to social-emotional learning, provides examples of standards-aligned student goal cards, and uses vignettes to highlight the practices of effective teams. This book will make a great impact on the early childhood community, and I can see it as a great text to use at the college level to train early childhood educators!”

Mandi Dunlap, principal of Greenbrier Eastside Elementary, a Model PLC School, Arkansas

“This book of immense clarity and collective inquiry provides a common-sense approach to ensure learning in early childhood. This resource is a wonderfully rich mix of possibilities and practical tools with counsel and coaching to support educators while ensuring play and promise for student success. No matter where you are on your PLC journey, this educational tool will enlighten and illuminate your learning.”

Regina Stephens Owens, educational consultant and author

What About Us? is perfectly named in our field, where resources for educators often overlook the unique application of PLC practices in an early learning environment. It is a valuable tool to assess and reflect on a collaborative team’s practices and identify and respond to areas for improvement. It’s also rich with knowledge and tools for administrators, coaches, and teachers to use at the younger grade levels, including consideration for specific areas critical to early learning, such as play. I’m thrilled to be able to use this resource with my early childhood and kindergarten teams!”

Jennifer Smith, principal of Willow Grove Early Learning Center, Illinois