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The Way Forward

PLC at Work® and the Bright Future of Education

By: Anthony Muhammad

Read, reflect, and act with educator and best-selling author Anthony Muhammad as he dives into the educational hurdles of the past, pairing them with tips to face the current challenges in education and ways to build a better tomorrow—all through the PLC at Work® process, a powerful disrupter in the world of education.

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Tips and tools to address the past, present, and future challenges in education through PLC at Work®

Teachers today have a window of opportunity to shape education in a way that will impact the profession for generations. In this compelling and comprehensive book, educator and best-selling author Anthony Muhammad explores the educational hurdles of the past in the context of present-day concerns and envisions an education system where all schools energetically embrace the PLC at Work® process.

This book will help K–12 educators:

  • Reflect on the long-term effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on student learning and educator approaches
  • Gain insight on what professional learning communities are
  • Differentiate between PLC and PLC Lite and understand the role of commitment in an effective PLC
  • Apply lessons learned from past challenges in education to present-day concerns
  • Determine how to face teacher morale and retention, student trauma and mental health, inequitable funding and accountability systems, and student academic achievement gaps
  • Understand the racial, gender, and disability movements of the past

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Additional Information

Product Code: BKG159

ISBN: 9781958590898

Published By: Solution Tree

“An inspiring call to action. . . . The Way Forward provides a detailed knowledge base that allows educators to avoid the PLC Lite pitfall and secure the bright future of American education that beckons us.”

From the Foreword by Robert Eaker

“With a combination of deeply researched evidence and personal passion, Muhammad points readers to a shining star of improved teaching, learning, and leadership.”

Douglas Reeves, author and education expert

“Muhammad writes, ‘I am concerned that our profession is losing its soul.’ I, too, am concerned, and I am deeply grateful that Muhammad helps steer us back to the original promise of the public school system—meeting the needs of all children—which will help us find our soul once again.”

Tina H. Boogren, author and education expert

“Muhammad calls us to action by shining a light on how PLC at Work will serve educators in these modern times. When implemented with courageous and right actions, the result is the sustained success we seek for ourselves and generations to follow.”

Timothy D. Kanold, author and education expert

“In The Way Forward, Anthony Muhammad provides a scholarly time machine grounded in history and research, with a strong reality check. In his customary eloquent and powerful style, Muhammad connects the past, present, and future, making it abundantly clear to educators around the world that failure to embrace and implement the PLC at Work process in schools will result in dire consequences for the students we serve. Simply put, this book is a must-read for educators seeking a path to address the collateral damage students have experienced with the COVID-19 pandemic and for any education community aspiring for excellence in their daily work with students.”

Luis F. Cruz, author and education expert

The Way Forward challenges us as educators to embrace courage as we face unparalleled challenges. It provides clarity and compels commitment to work and become whole while learning in community. Anthony Muhmmad inspires that The Way Forward is to be the professionals humanity needs, advocate for a system that delivers on its promise, and become allies for all—including ourselves.”

Regina Stephens Owens, author and education expert

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