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Leading Modern Learning

A Blueprint for Vision-Driven Schools

Bring focus to your mission for modern learning. Whether you're upgrading a department, school, or district, the authors offer a systemic framework, proven processes, and practical strategies your team can use to achieve your vision. Explore the building blocks for creating a curriculum that supports modern learning, an assessment system that captures evidence of 21st century skills, and instruction that aligns with modern learning principles.


  • Learn strategies for engaging various constituents in envisioning a future-oriented mission.
  • Apply a backward design process for aligning all aspects of the system with the mission.
  • Consider an innovative approach to designing a modern curriculum.
  • Explore a framework for assessments that can enhance learning as well as measure it.
  • Review instructional procedures for personalizing learning and developing independent learners.
  • Examine the LearningBoard, a robust technology tool for communicating modern learning 24/7.

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Leading Modern Learning

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Chapter 1: The Power of Visioning
Chapter 2: From Vision to Mission
Chapter 3: From Mission to Action
Chapter 4: Curriculum for Modern Learning
Chapter 5: An Assessment System for Modern Learning
Chapter 6: Instruction for Modern Learning
Chapter 7: A Reporting System for Modern Learning
Appendix A: Sources for Futures-Oriented Thinking Tools and Processes
Appendix B: Sources to Develop Performance Indicators for the 4Cs
Appendix C: Sample Performance Indicators for 21st Century Skills
Appendix D: Examples of Assessment Principles



Chapter 5

  • Bookhooks
  • Catalina Foothills School District's Global Citizen Lifelong Learners
  • DoDEA21
  • EdLeader21

Chapter 6

Appendix A

Appendix B