Leading Modern Learning

Leading Modern Learning

A Blueprint for Vision-Driven Schools

By: Jay McTighe, Greg Curtis

Discover a systemic framework, proven processes, and practical strategies your team can use to achieve your vision for modern learning.

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Leading Modern Learning

Bring focus to your mission for modern learning. Whether youre upgrading a department, school, or district, the authors offer a systemic framework, proven processes, and practical strategies your team can use to achieve your vision. Explore the building blocks for creating a curriculum that supports modern learning, an assessment system that captures evidence of 21st century skills, and instruction that aligns with modern learning principles.

  • Learn strategies for engaging various constituents in envisioning a future-oriented mission.
  • Apply a backward design process for aligning all aspects of the system with the mission.
  • Consider an innovative approach to designing a modern curriculum.
  • Explore a framework for assessments that can enhance learning as well as measure it.
  • Review instructional procedures for personalizing learning and developing independent learners.
  • Examine the LearningBoard, a robust technology tool for communicating modern learning 24/7.

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Product Code: BKF551

ISBN: 9781936764709

Published By: Solution Tree

Page Count: 208

“Making a remarkably timely contribution to the modernization of learning organizations, McTighe and Curtis provide clear and creative guidance on how to move from 'old school' to new. The transition is a challenging one, requiring specifics on operationalizing fresh visions coupled with practical realistic steps. Administrators, teachers, curriculum designers, and community members will find solutions here and imaginative possibilities. Leading Modern Learning: A Blueprint for Vision-Driven Schools is a must-read for the right-now educator.”

Heidi Hayes Jacobs, author, director of Curriculum 21 Project

“A bridge to a more compelling educational future, this book is both aspirational and practical. It sketches out a 'modern' view of teaching and learning then creates a blueprint for building to the vision. It is a primer for forward-looking educators.”

Carol Ann Tomlinson, William Clay Parrish Jr. Professor and chair of educational leadership, foundations, and policy, Curry School of Education, University of Virginia

“School staffs and educational leaders wishing to modernize their curriculum will profit from following the logical and detailed processes offered in this practical guide to curriculum design. Built around three essential curriculum decisions: What's worth learning? (Outcomes.) How to determine if the outcomes have been achieved? (Assessment.) And what instructional strategies best facilitate students acquiring those outcomes? (Instruction.) It all starts, however, with creating and committing to a vision—a vision not only for learners and schools, but also a vision of a more thought-full world.”

Art Costa, professor emeritus, California State University, Sacramento

“This book offers a practical and much-needed set of strategies that accompanies a thoughtful framework for considering the change process. Regardless of the programs you may be considering, the process is spelled out from vision and mission straight through to curriculum, instruction, and assessment. Regardless of where you are in the process, the ideas serve as a way of centering the work. Thanks, Jay and Greg, for systemic thinking by design!”

Bena Kallick, cofounder and codirector of Institute for Habits of Mind, program director for Eduplanet21.com

“The one certainty for which we must prepare students now and in the future is change. This book offers a powerful, systemic framework for guiding educators in the move from vision to action in school revitalization. Practical strategies, tools, and examples guide the evolution of a modern learning institution toward greater relevance; authenticity and personalization to best prepare today's learners for the challenges and opportunities of the future.”

Judy Willis, MD, MEd, neurologist, former teacher, neuroeducation speaker

“An amazing tool for schools—clear, practical, and intentional. Leading Modern Learning: A Blueprint for Vision-Driven Schools will empower schools to move towards excellence through a deliberate process, providing a complete blueprint designed to impact student learning from every element of the school experience. From vision to mission, learning targets, authentic assessment, and instruction—a complete system.”

Gail Seay, director of teaching and learning, American School of Doha, Qatar

“This book provides a refreshing look at contemporary schooling focusing on the impacts for learners and not the typical inputs from the curriculum/programs and/or teachers. This book provides a blueprint to help educators frame learning for our contemporary learners/context. The authors masterfully weave theory, practice, and the use of models, making this both a provocative and practical book.

“This book asks leaders to look at schooling through the needs of the modern learner. The authors skillfully weave together theory, process, and exemplars of what it looks like in practice. This is a must-read for educational leaders around the world. This book is highly recommended to educational leaders who are striving to ensure their schools are impactful as they prepare learners for an often uncertain and globally connected future.

“This book provides a fresh way of looking at how we define and prioritize the kind of schooling we want for our contemporary learners. The combination of theory, practical tools, and exemplars makes this an engaging and effective book for educational leaders around the globe.”

Elizabeth Rossini, director of curriculum and professional learning, International School Bangkok

“Education leaders understand that today's challenges require fundamental changes to teaching and learning. But what is the best path? Jay McTighe and Greg Curtis have provided a much-needed road map in Leading Modern Learning. This book is destined to become the North Star for those seeking transformed classrooms.”

Ken Kay, CEO, and Valerie Greenhill, CLO, EdLeader21

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