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Amplify Your Impact

This book will help instructional leadership increase the collaborative learning of its teacher teams through a framework of collaborative coaching methods.


  • Gain insights from teachers and empirical evidence from schools that confirm the benefits of how coaching and refining collaborative teams can strengthen PLCs.
  • Use the Pathways Tool for Coaching Collaborative Teams to guide your team’s conversations and team-based learning.
  • Learn how to develop and use the strategy implementation guide (SIG) to map out your collaborative team success.
  • Analyze coaching scenarios that illustrate how to turn ineffective team meetings into positive collaborative learning experiences.
  • Increase instructional leadership development that promotes reflective coaching and a collaborative approach.

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Part I

  • Chapter 1: Combining Collaboration and Coaching
  • Chapter 2: Coaching Collaborative Teams in a PLC

Part II

  • Chapter 3: Amplifying Your Impact With Clarity
  • Chapter 4: Amplifying Your Impact With Feedback
  • Chapter 5: Amplifying Your Impact With Support

Part III

  • Chapter 6: Making It Real: Coaching Scenarios




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