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Professional Learning Communities at Work® BESTSELLER

Best Practices for Enhancing Student Achievement

By: Richard DuFour, Robert Eaker

This classic resource offers practical information about transforming schools into learning-focused, results-oriented PLCs. Learn research-based recommendations for implementing PLC at Work concepts.

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Professional Learning Communities at Work®

The book that launched a school improvement movement offers research-based recommendations drawn from the best practices found in schools nationwide for continuously improving school performance. Coming from the perspectives of both a distinguished dean of education and one of Americas most widely acclaimed practitioners, this resource provides specific, practical how-to information about transforming schools into results-oriented PLCs.

  • Initiate, implement, and sustain a change process.
  • Work collaboratively to design an effective research-based curriculum.
  • Choose appropriate assessment models.
  • Create meaningful partnerships with parents.
  • Establish effective workplace-based professional development programs.
  • Overcome the common mistakes you may face as you work toward change.

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Product Code: BKF032

ISBN: 9781879639607

Published By: Solution Tree

Page Count: 358

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