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Nurturing Math Curiosity With Learners in Grades K–2

By: Chepina Rumsey, Jody Guarino

Edited by: Cathy Seeley, Jennifer Bay-Williams

Gain the educational tools needed for planning, communicating, and representing mathematical ideas to students. This book gives teachers instructional strategies to enhance their students’ natural wonder and curiosity toward math concepts.

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Grow your students’ math curiosity.

Building students’ confidence and conceptual understanding early sets a solid foundation for reasoning and exploration. Nurturing Math Curiosity With Learners in Grades K–2 offers educational tools and strategies teachers can use to integrate mathematical argumentation in early elementary classrooms, allowing space for students’ natural wonder and curiosity to shine while, at the same time, providing opportunities for students to see mathematics content in a new light.

This book will help K–2 teachers:

  • Discover ways to explore early mathematical concepts
  • Integrate classroom community building, teacher tools, and instructional strategies to nurture an environment of playful exploration
  • Read real examples from teachers who have implemented argumentation in their classrooms
  • Follow the layers of argumentation through an in-depth concrete example
  • Reflect as mathematics learners with features that activate prior knowledge

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Additional Information

Product Code: BKG180, EKF724

ISBN: 9781960574367

Published By: Solution Tree

"Nurturing Math Curiosity With Learners in Grades K–2 is an engaging, easy-to-read guide to everything you want to [know] about developing young students’ mathematics thinking through the practice of argumentation. Drawing on their collective experiences as educators and researchers, the authors have put together a collection of classroom vignettes, math tasks, and thought-provoking prompts that immerse the reader in 'growing the layers of argumentation.' This book will be a welcome and valuable resource for teacher educators, professional development providers, [and] school-based math coaches, as well as classroom teachers."

Cynthia Langrall, professor emerita, Mathematics, Illinois State University

"This book provides an excellent resource for teachers and teacher educators interested in providing meaningful opportunities for nurturing children’s mathematical curiosity and learning. Drs. Rumsey and Guarino present useful and pragmatic pedagogy for educators to facilitate mathematical discourse and argumentation. Their writing and recommendations are supported by high-quality research but are presented in a wonderfully pragmatic format."

Karl W. Kosko, professor, Kent State University, Ohio

"Jody and Chepina have created such an incredibly thoughtful and extraordinarily practical experience for readers. This book applies the best of what research has taught us about argumentation and embeds it within an interactive professional learning structure. I look forward to seeing the layers of argumentation rolling out in classrooms everywhere! Definitely a must read!"

Kristin Gray, executive director, Amplify

"Nurturing Math Curiosity With Learners in Grades K–2 is a beautifully written book, full of vivid examples, enticing teachers of young learners to create argumentation-rich classrooms. Chepina Rumsey and Jody Guarino expertly show how teachers can begin with already familiar routines and playfully allow children to notice, conjecture, justify, and extend mathematical ideas. Each chapter provides accessible and inviting starting points with lots of room for teachers to reflect, plan and grow in their ability to nurture mathematical argumentation."

Elham Kazemi, professor, Washington University

"Nurturing Math Curiosity With Learners in Grades K–2 is a gorgeous book that is perfect for PD. It is both ambitious and imminently practical. Authors Rumsey and Guarino skillfully weave together theory, classroom vignettes, and writing prompts that invite readers to interact with and rehearse ideas. They not only illustrate the value of mathematical argumentation, but also illuminate pathways for teachers to identify, develop, and extend opportunities for argumentation in the classroom. I look forward to reading it with colleagues!"

Jenna Laib, K–8 math specialist, Public Schools of Brookline, Massachusetts

"Nurturing Math Curiosity With Learners in Grades K–2 is about the what, the why, and especially the how of early mathematics teaching. Rich with resources for teachers, it's more than a book to be read; it's a tool to be used."

Jason Zimba, chief academic officer, Amplify

"This book invites us to imagine new possibilities for classroom discussions through vignettes that showcase the brilliance of children’s ideas about powerful mathematics. What fun to peek into classrooms where young children engage in rich discussions that begin with their own curiosity—they notice, they wonder, they put forth conjectures, and they justify their ideas. The authors also offer numerous practical tips (including planning templates) to help us envision and develop these types of discussions in our own practice."

Vicki Jacobs, Yopp Distinguished Professor of Mathematics Education, University of North Carolina at Greensboro

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