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Place-Based Learning

Connecting Inquiry, Community, and Culture

By: Micki Evans, Charity Marcella Moran, Erin Sanchez

Foreword by: Lisa Delpit

Empowering educators to cultivate student connections to place, culture, and community, this book provides tools and principles for teaching and learning beyond the classroom walls. Teachers can learn to enrich the traditional curricula with authentic, community-driven experiences that create student ownership.

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Format: Paperback

Seven place-based learning design principles to promote equity for all students

Understand the impact a sense of place has on education, culture, and community. The authors share seven place-based learning design principles to help educators implement projects smoothly, from start to finish. With their project-planning tools and community asset map, teachers, school coaches, and leaders will be equipped to empower students and promote equity for all.

Grades 4–12 teachers, instructional designers, and school leaders will:

  • Learn the seven place-based learning design principles and apply them
  • Understand what role maps and countermapping have in establishing a sense of place and how to map community’s assets
  • Build meaningful community partnerships with students using collaborative projects
  • Empower students to confront inequitable societal structures
  • Reflect on key takeaways and consider chapter-ending questions to further their place-based learning practice

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