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  1. Linda Beggs

    Family & Community Leadership Violence & Crisis Prevention Youth at Risk

    Linda Beggs has more than 30 years of organizational development experience, specializing in culture, change, and team effectiveness. She collaborates with schools to create a high-trust culture essential to implementing wraparound resource centers.

  2. Steve Van Bockern

    Diversity & Equity Violence & Crisis Prevention Youth at Risk

    Steve Van Bockern is a professor of education at Augustana University in South Dakota. Formerly a teacher and principal, his research interests include resiliency, alternative education, restorative justice, bullying, discipline, and creating well-being.

  3. Leigh Colburn

    Diversity & Equity Family & Community Leadership Violence & Crisis Prevention Youth at Risk

    Leigh Colburn is a career educator and community leader with ten years of service as the principal of Marietta High School in Georgia. She specializes in promoting school equity through wraparound service opportunities.

  4. Aaron Hansen

    Professional Learning Communities Violence & Crisis Prevention

    Aaron Hansen is a nationally recognized presenter, author and coach who empowers teachers and leaders to transform their schools.

  5. Cheri Lovre

    Violence & Crisis Prevention

    Cheri Lovre, an author and a consultant, has nearly 30 years of experience in crisis response and trauma intervention and is an internationally acclaimed leader in the field.

  6. Brandie Oliver

    Classroom Management & Behavior Violence & Crisis Prevention

    Brandie M. Oliver, PhD, is an associate professor at Butler University teaching in the Masters in School Counseling program and a frequent presenter for local, state and national education conferences. Her specific areas of interest include social-emotional learning, trauma-responsive education, suicide prevention and intervention, comprehensive school counseling, restorative practices, and ensuring work is done through a lens of equity and cultural responsiveness.

  7. Chavez Phelps

    Classroom Management & Behavior Violence & Crisis Prevention

    Chavez Phelps, PhD, is an assistant professor of school psychology at Indiana State University. There he directs the Hoosier Whole Child Resilience Initiative, which offers professional development and technical support to schools and other community agencies that support youth with trauma-related behavior and emotional needs.

  8. Kimberly Williams

    Leadership Violence & Crisis Prevention

    Kimberly Williams, PhD, is a faculty member at the Plymouth State University College of Graduate Studies, Dr. Williams teaches graduate courses for teachers on cognition, history, and philosophy of education.

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