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Priority Schools in a PLC at Work® Professional Learning

  • EFFECT change with customized and targeted high-impact strategies
  • MAXIMIZE student performance and increase instructional effectiveness
  • CREATE a collaborative culture and develop effective teams
  • ALIGN your resources and time to focus on results

Move from surviving to thriving

Improvement in schools starts with teachers and administrators collectively focused on bringing all students to higher levels of learning. Our experts have proven success with the unique challenges of underperforming schools and can help quickly and dramatically improve your results—no matter your school’s size, demographics, poverty levels, or current achievement levels.

Our customized professional learning services are designed to get your school to where you want it to be. We'll work with you, rather than having work done to you.


Sharon V. Kramer describes step by step how she approaches professional development for priority schools.

Where are you on your professional learning journey?

Your Goal

Building Your Skills

One‑Day Service


An expert author or Priority Schools in a PLC at Work certified associate will present key ideas for transforming culture and structures that support a learning-focused culture.

Your Goal

Deepening Your Skills

Two‑to‑Four‑Day Services

School Improvement for All Workshop

Develop a clear path to continuous improvement as teachers and administrators discover how to work together as teams of leaders. Create systematic processes and implement best practices that ensure the learning of every student.

  • Learn how to drive increased academic achievement for all students.
  • Develop ways to plan for structural changes that improve school cultures.
  • Gain steps for creating common assessments that enhance learning and align with state and national standards.
  • Determine how collaborative teams can plan for a guaranteed and viable curriculum.
  • Explore ways to gather and analyze data to examine instructional practices and inform next steps for learning.
  • Create action steps for immediate implementation.

Your Goal

Sustaining Your Skills

Multi‑Day Service

The following components of this multi-day service are customized based on your needs and your budget.

Needs Assessment

Implement systemic change in your school by charting a course focused on increasing student learning. This service examines current practices to significantly improve student achievement.

  • Develop an action plan to guide the work of school improvement based on the specific needs of your staff.
  • Overcome a lack of progress with content-specific professional development.
  • Maximize student performance and increase scores on statewide assessments.
  • Align your time and resources to ensure higher levels of learning for all.

Project Planning

Solidify goals, benchmarks, and timelines for the project with this project planning day.

  • Understand the general needs of the school
  • Review data from the Needs Assessment
  • Create a 30-60-90 day plan
  • Plan for successful implementation

Embedded Coaching

Execute PLC strategies and confront challenges head-on with expert coaching. Our trusted PLC coaches will support you and your staff through every phase of implementation and monitor progress along the way, to ensure you hit key benchmarks as you work to achieve sustainable success.

  • Effectively lead school turnaround efforts with a framework that supports continuous improvement.
  • Align your curriculum, instruction, and assessment practices with high-leverage strategies to increase student achievement.
  • Gain strategies for developing a data-gathering plan, including indicators for both student performance and changes in teacher practice.
  • Explore the structural changes necessary to increase shared responsibility for the success of every learner.

Content-Specific Training

Work with our team to assess the specific needs of your school or district, then receive customized training in the content area that will help your students and educators succeed on topics including:

  • Assessment
  • Literacy
  • Mathematics
  • English Learners
  • Curriculum Development
  • School Culture
  • Data Analysis

Step Up and Transition Days

Address learning gaps as a team working side by side with an expert coach.

  • Use school data to identify which standards have or haven’t been introduced, and which have been mastered.
  • Create transition plans for the upcoming school year.
  • Establish coordinated efforts to identify and address gaps in student learning of identified essential standards.
  • Ensure information on student proficiency is shared across grade level.

Unit Planning

Engage with your essential standards and learning targets to create unit plans using the School Improvement for All framework.

  • Prepare for the school year with experts leading your collaborative teams.
  • Understand the concepts and practical application of the learning cycle.

Support Systems for Priority Schools

Schools with a significant deficit in one or more areas require targeted support from Solution Tree coaches in partnership with district- and building-level leaders. The number of days needed is dependent on the overall plan that is created and the number of schools participating and is an essential component of a successful plan.

  • Create a system of support from the district level that facilitates student achievement in every school and classroom.
  • Utilize key indicators of success for data collected from teachers and students at each school.
  • Overcome a districtwide lack of progress and increase student proficiency scores on statewide assessments.