Making Sense of Mathematics for Teaching the Small Group

Making Sense of Mathematics for Teaching the Small Group

By: Juli K. Dixon, Lisa Brooks, Melissa R. Carli

Make sense of effective characteristics of K–5 small-group instruction in mathematics. Connect new understandings to classroom practice through the use of authentic classroom video of pulled small groups in action. Use the TQE (Tasks, Questions, Evidence) process to plan time effectively for small-group instruction.

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Small-group instruction strategies to differentiate math lessons in elementary classrooms

When done right, small-group instruction is a powerful tool for facilitating student understanding in K–5 mathematics. Throughout the book, best practices for small-group math instruction are addressed in detail, from planning tasks that encourage deep understanding to asking effective questions to engaging learners in meaningful conversations. Readers will learn how teaching mathematics in small groups allows you to differentiate instruction for both remediation and enrichment. The included small-group instruction videos demonstrate the suggested strategies in a real-classroom setting, giving readers the opportunity to see best practice in action.

Develop math-specific instruction strategies for teaching small groups in elementary school:

  • Explore the benefits of small-group math instruction and how it can facilitate deep mathematical understandings.
  • Discover the teacher’s and students’ roles in small-group instruction and how teachers can help students develop the skills to fulfill their role.
  • Learn how to apply the Tasks, Questions, and Evidence (TQE) process to small-group instruction in order to enhance student learning and improve your knowledge of teaching mathematics.
  • View examples of small-group instruction and how the structure can support differentiation.

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