Sarah Schuhl

Sarah Schuhl

Sarah Schuhl is a consultant specializing in professional learning communities, assessment, school improvement, and mathematics. She has been a secondary mathematics teacher, high school instructional coach, and K–12 mathematics specialist.

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Sarah Schuhl

Sarah Schuhl is a consultant specializing in professional learning communities, common formative and summative assessment, school improvement, and mathematics. She has been a secondary mathematics teacher, high school instructional coach, and K–12 mathematics specialist for more than 20 years.

Sarah was instrumental in the creation of a PLC in the Centennial School District in Oregon, helping teachers make large gains in student achievement. She earned the Centennial School District Triple C Award in 2012.

In addition to her work in Oregon, Sarah has worked with other districts throughout the United States to implement PLCs and create common assessments. Her practical approach includes working with teachers and administrators to implement assessments for learning, analyze data, collectively respond to student learning, and map to standards. She is a consultant and coach in many schools, including those targeted in school improvement.

Sarah also works with districts as a consultant and coach to implement the Common Core State Standards for mathematics or independent state mathematics standards K–12. Her work includes short- and long-term professional development focused on implementation of the content standards, standards for mathematical practice or state process standards, and assessment, including formative assessment and an understanding of current state assessment practices. Her book, Engage in the Mathematical Practices: Strategies to Build Numeracy and Literacy with K–5 Learners, focuses on strategies to use when designing lessons that develop the habits of mind in students necessary for them to effectively learn mathematics.

Previously Sarah served as a member and chair of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Editorial Panel for the journal Mathematics Teacher. Her work with the Oregon Department of Education includes designing mathematics assessment items, test specifications and blueprints, and rubrics for achievement-level descriptors. She has also contributed as a writer to a middle-school mathematics series and an elementary mathematics intervention program.

Sarah earned a bachelor of science in mathematics from Eastern Oregon University and a master of science in mathematics education from Portland State University.

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Presentation titles by Sarah Schuhl

  • Building Common Assessments
  • Navigating the Four Critical Questions
  • Data, Data, Data: What Do We Need? What Do We Do with It?
  • Focusing Teams and Students with Learning Targets
  • Prioritizing Standards
  • Creating and Using Common Summative and Formative Assessments
  • Professional Learning Communities at Work™
  • Understanding the Work of a PLC
  • Assessing and Responding to Students Learning the CCSS
  • When Content Isn’t Enough: Strategies to Help Students Really Learn Mathematics
  • Assessment in Your K–5 Mathematics Classroom
  • Assessment in Your 6–12 Mathematics Classroom
  • Formative Assessment in Your K–12 Mathematics Classroom
  • Planning for Mathematics Instruction and Assessment
  • Content, Practices, and Lessons—Making It Real for Middle School Students
  • Redefining Mathematics Instruction in Your 9–12 Classroom
  • Engaging K–5 Learners Using the Mathematical Practices

“Sarah is obviously very intelligent, caring, and approachable. She is a genuine teacher who shares real problems and solutions.”

Sharon Armke, teacher, Linder Elementary School, Texas

“This was one of the most practical workshops I have attended. I walked away with many useful strategies for improving my instruction and assessment.”

Rani White, teacher, East Bakersfield High School, California

“Thanks so much for coming and hearing our voices. I know it is a part of what you had to do, but you really made it such an easygoing experience. Sometimes when we have to do surveys, interviews, etc., it can be stressful, but you have such a genuine personality. I appreciate it!”

Laura Jensen, third-grade teacher, Manse Elementary School