Check Out These 9 Must-Have Resources for School Leaders

Are you a school leader striving to enhance your leadership skills? Look no further! We’ve compiled a list of nine must-have resources tailored specifically for school leaders like you. Whether it’s mastering effective discussions or refining your change management, these tools are designed to empower you to lead with confidence and success. 

Take a look at these amazing resources for school leaders:


100-Day Leaders: Turning Short-Term Wins Into Long-Term Success in Schools

By: Douglas Reeves , Robert Eaker

In just 100 days, witness a remarkable boost in student achievement and a transformation of school culture. With strategic planning and effective change management, educational leaders can drive impactful changes that pave the way for continuous school improvement.

“Few books combine moral purpose and practical success so readily. Reeves and Eaker supply strategies and tools to help leaders get on course and stay there. . . A powerful and inspirational resource.”

Michael Fullan, author, education expert, and former dean of the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education at the University of Toronto [Excerpted from the book’s foreword]

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Time for Change: Four Essential Skills for Transformational School and District Leaders

By: Anthony Muhammad, Luis F. Cruz

Get ready to transform your leadership potential. This bestseller serves as a
guide for strengthening leadership skills, navigating change management, and overcoming resistance to change. 

Time for Change is a must-read for all educational leaders. This book is a blueprint
for transforming school cultures and, most importantly, for changing student lives.”

 — Susan D. Chavez, assistant superintendent, Los Lunas Schools, New Mexico

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The Deliberate and Courageous Principal:
Ten Leadership Actions and Skills to Create High-Achieving Schools

By: Rhonda J. Roos

Fully step into your power as a school principal. By diving deep into five essential leadership actions and five essential leadership skills, you will learn how to grow in your role and accomplish incredible outcomes for your students and staff.

The Deliberate and Courageous Principal draws upon valued experience as a school principal and district administrator and provides a viable road map that any school leader can follow when working to improve their school. Aspiring and veteran administrators should make this book a must-read—and one to reread as leadership challenges arise.”

— Todd D. Bess, executive director, Indiana Association of School Principals

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Now We’re Talking! 21 Days to High-Performance Instructional Leadership

By: Justin Baeder

Daily classroom visits can significantly impact the quality of teaching and learning. Organized into 21 chapters designed to be read over a period of 21 school days, Now We’re Talking! presents a results-driven approach that far surpasses traditional walkthrough models of feedback.

“The greatest gift a principal can give a student is a highly-skilled teacher. This book gives the principal an easy ‘on-ramp’ for getting into classrooms and providing the feedback that will improve instruction.”

— Frank Buck, author, Get Organized!: Time Management for School Leaders; president, Frank Buck Consulting, Inc.

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Deep Change Leadership: A Model for Renewing and Strengthening Schools and Districts

By: Douglas Reeves

Change efforts often fail to meet their desired ends. Learn how to make a
real, sustainable impact with
Deep Change Leadership. This school leadership resource highlights engagement, inquiry, and focused action as part of an effective leadership model.

“With crystal clarity, Reeves lays out the components and flow of complex change . . . Build your knowledge and your team, and get deep change while staying alert for the path ahead.”

— Michael Fullan, professor emeritus, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, University of Toronto

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Leading Beyond Intention: Six Areas to Deepen Reflection and Planning in Your PLC at Work®

By: Jeanne Spiller, Karen Power

School improvement starts with leaders. This solutions-focused guide dives
deep into personal leadership skills, encourages readers to reflect and grow,
and offers practical strategies for weaving the thread of intentionality throughout your daily leadership practice.

“This book may be the timeliest book I have read in a while. School leaders are struggling to validate their decisions, and their visions for their schools have been put on hold for simple survival and daily operation. The tools in this book are so needed in the new space leaders are leading through now.”

— Paige Raney, chair, Division of Education, Spring Hill College, Alabama

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Meeting Goals: Protocols for Leading Effective, Purpose-Driven Discussions in Schools

By: Thomas M. Van Soelen

Discover the transformative potential of discussion protocols and how they help educators cultivate collaborative learning environments. Learn how you can lead highly productive, structured discussions in your school or district. This book is an indispensable resource for facilitating constructive meetings. 

“Using metaphor, humor, and a deep belief in the power of collaborative professional work, Thomas Van Soelen pulls back the curtain on highly effective facilitation.”

Kim Carter, executive director, Q.E.D. Foundation

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Mapping Professional Practice: How to Develop Instructional Frameworks
to Support Teacher Growth

By: Heather Bell-Williams, Justin Baeder

Mapping Professional Practice focuses on a unified vision to help teachers grow. Learn about instructional frameworks as a proven tool to get educators on the same page about what matters most in specific areas of practice. 

“This book offers educational leaders strategies to improve professional conversations, give targeted feedback, and foster reflection about classroom practices with preservice, novice, mid-career, and veteran teachers.”

— Maria G. Dove, professor of education, Molloy College, New York

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Ensuring Teachers Matter: Where to Focus First So Students Matter Most

By: Shelly Wilfong, Ryan Donlan

Teachers are critical to student success, but the profession of teaching is in crisis. This book helps K–12 teachers understand how mattering is useful when examining some of the common problems educators face today, including high-stress levels, job dissatisfaction, the pressures of public opinion, and the lack of a sustainable wage.

“Wilfong and Donlan offer a unique, systems view of educational reform, offering a pathway for teacher well-being, retention, and stronger school communities. This book is a must-read!

— Dr. Sarah Bennison, CEO, The Mattering Movement; founder, Trinity School Office of Public Service, New York

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