Time for Change

Time for Change BESTSELLER

Four Essential Skills for Transformational School and District Leaders

By: Anthony Muhammad, Luis F. Cruz

Discover how to develop and strengthen the four essential skills of effective educational leaders. Inspire a shared vision of strategic change and overcome resistance through strong communication, trust building, empowerment of those you lead, and a focus on results.

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Educational leadership development for change management

Authors Luis F. Cruz and Anthony Muhammad share how Time for Change will help you overcome challenges and successfully lead change initiatives in your school or district.

Transformational leaders have four distinctive skills: strong communication, the ability to build trust, the ability to increase the skills of those they lead, and a results orientation. Time for Change offers powerful guidance for those seeking to develop and strengthen the educational leadership skills needed for change management and overcoming resistance to change. Throughout this authoritative guide, Anthony Muhammad and Luis F. Cruz share concrete tools and strategies that will prepare you to lead your school toward lasting, meaningful, and strategic change.

Use this educational leadership book to inspire a shared vision and help in overcoming resistance to change:

  • Develop an understanding of educational leadership and change management as skills that can be practiced and improved.
  • Consider three questions of transformational leadership—Why? Who? How?—and then Do!
  • Learn about the technical and cultural dimensions of change and the ways in which both must be addressed.
  • Understand the reasons behind resistance to change and how to manage it through effective leadership.
  • Synthesize your skills as a school leader and utilize them to effect strategic change.

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“Muhammad and Cruz offer a seminal book that not only inspires leaders to take action but also advances the strategies and approaches necessary to achieve transformational outcomes. A must-read book for any current or aspiring educational leader.”

Wade Smith, superintendent, Walla Walla Public Schools, Washington

“Anthony Muhammad and Luis Cruz demonstrate that too many leaders have substituted planning and processes for results, leaving their teams exhausted and cynical. They provide a constructive alternative with their four-component model of systemic change, demonstrating that functional investment alone is insufficient without the cognitive and emotional investments necessary to make change happen. Authentic and compelling, this book will stimulate the challenging conversations that every leadership team must have. Leaders at every level will benefit from the insights and practical ideas in these pages.”

Douglas Reeves, educational consultant and author; founder, Creative Leadership Solutions

“Occasionally, a book comes along that merges both theory and practice. Muhammad and Cruz’s Time for Change: Four Essential Skills for Transformational School and District Leaders is such a book. They combine decades of leadership and change theory with the practical experience that comes from their own highly successful track record in leading both structural and cultural changing in their own school settings. The authors not only know and share the research, but each has struggled with the complexities and challenges of school improvement. The result is a highly practical and readable research-based guide for anyone seeking to embark on the school improvement journey.”

Robert Eaker, educational consultant and author

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