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Deep Change Leadership

Change efforts often fail to meet their desired ends. Learn how to make a real, sustainable impact with Deep Change Leadership. This school leadership resource highlights engagement, inquiry, and focused action as part of an effective leadership model.


  • Explore the principal impediments to effective change leadership, including fragmentation and the myth of universal buy-in.
  • Learn the means by which you can gauge your and your school’s or district’s readiness for change.
  • Study the characteristics of deep change leadership, which involves deciding what does not change, supplementing passion with purpose, and narrowing your focus.
  • Discover how to make sound course corrections and avoid mistakes in change leadership.
  • Understand real results in terms of both outcomes and causes.

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Recognizing Schools’ Need for Deep Change
Chapter 2: Understanding the Pain Inherent in Change
Chapter 3: Exposing the Myth of Buy-In
Chapter 4: Getting Ready for Deep Change
Chapter 5: Deciding What Does Not Change
Chapter 6: Imagining
Chapter 7: Focusing
Chapter 8: Implementing
Chapter 9: Accelerating
Chapter 10: Making Course Corrections
Chapter 11: Anticipating Mistakes in Change Leadership
Chapter 12: Building a Team for Deep Change
Epilogue: Iceberg Ahead




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