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The Foundation for Change

Focusing on the Four Pillars of a PLC at Work®

By: Jonathan G. Vander Els, Joshua Ray

In this book, the authors provide the guidance and resources for schools to use the four pillars as the root of their PLC process. Discover strategies and tools to audit your mission statement, understand the role of a guiding coalition, and create collective commitments.

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Format: Paperback

Build the foundation for successful school improvement.

In their haste to help students, many schools often gloss over the foundational work of professional learning communities (PLCs). In The Foundation for Change, educators learn how to transform their school’s mission, vision, values, and goals to frame the mindsets and actions in a PLC that lead to school improvement and high levels of learning for all.

This book helps K–12 teachers, leaders, and administrators:

  • Follow the journey of one school as it moves through the steps of the PLC at Work® process
  • Understand how educators can contribute to developing and integrating the four pillars into classroom practice
  • Clarify the role of the guiding coalition in implementing the four pillars as the foundation for changing school culture
  • Reflect on chapter content with end-of-chapter questions for deeper learning
  • Gain practical templates, charts, and other reproducible tools and resources

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