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Solving the Literacy Puzzle

Practical Strategies for Integrating the Science of Reading Into Classroom Instruction

By: Norene A. Bunt

This book consolidates decades of research on effective literacy instruction. It provides a clear model for designing effective reading instruction that integrates the science of reading and evidence-based strategies. Teachers and educators can learn to confidently implement these strategies in the classroom.

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Format: Paperback

Increase student reading proficiency with the science of reading

While there is growing awareness of the efficacy of the science of reading, teachers may feel overwhelmed by the volume of research on literacy. Using templates, assessments, and reflection questions, unpack five core components of literacy instruction within the science of reading framework. This comprehensive guide prepares teachers to confidently implement effective reading instruction in their classrooms.

Teachers can use this book to:

  • Understand the roles of whole-group, small-group, and independent work
  • Learn five core literacy components within the science of reading framework
  • Consider the history of reading instruction and the research behind the science of reading approach
  • Access templates, rubrics, self-assessments, and other resources
  • Select appropriate instructional texts for students at all reading levels

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Product Code: BKG158

ISBN: 9781958590874

Published By: Solution Tree

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