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  1. Carlos Johnson

    Family & Community School Improvement

    Carlos Johnson is a professional speaker, trainer, author, and school administrator. For over 15 years, he has consulted, trained, and held seats on public, charter, and private school boards.

  2. Ricardo LeBlanc-Esparza

    Family & Community School Improvement

    Ricardo LeBlanc-Esparza has 29 years of experience in high-poverty schools. He is principal of W. Verne McKinney Elementary in Oregon, a school with 72 percent of the students in poverty.

  3. David A. Levine

    Family & Community School Improvement

    David A. Levine is a teacher, trainer, facilitator, author, and musician who has made an indelible impact on students, teachers, and parents throughout the United States and abroad since 1984.

  4. LeAnn Nickelsen

    Assessment Brain-Compatible Learning Differentiated Instruction Family & Community Instruction Literacy

    LeAnn Nickelsen, an author and a former teacher, is an expert on brain research strategies, best practices in literacy, and other high-impact tools that close and prevent gaps in high-poverty schools.

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