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  1. Jon-Eric Ziaer

    Jon-Eric Ziaer

    Professional Learning Communities

    Jon-Eric Ziaer is the principal of Reedy High School in Frisco, Texas. Previously, he served as associate principal at Liberty High School in Frisco ISD, which he helped lead to Model PLC status. He was previously a curriculum director and a high school social studies teacher.

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  2. Amanda Ziaer

    Amanda Ziaer

    Professional Learning Communities

    Amanda Ziaer is the principal of Hunt Middle School in Frisco, Texas. Previously, she served as principal of Coppell Middle School-North, where she led the school in achieving Model PLC status.

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  3. John Wink

    John Wink

    Leadership Professional Learning Communities Response to Intervention

    John Wink currently serves as the superintendent of Carthage ISD in Carthage, Texas. Prior to that, John served as the director of curriculum, instruction, and assessment for the Tatum Independent School District in Tatum, Texas, and principal at Gilmer Elementary School.

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  4. Jai Wilson

    Jai Wilson

    Professional Learning Communities School Improvement Teams

    Dr. Julia “Jai” Wilson is an assistant principal for Jefferson County Public Schools in Kentucky. She has served as a science teacher and department chair, as well as assistant principal for five different high schools.

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  5. Amy Williams

    Amy Williams

    Competency-Based Learning Professional Learning Communities Response to Intervention Special Needs Teams

    Amy Williams works with district administrators, principals, and teachers to build collaborative teams and school cultures, establish coherent and aligned systems, and develop the capacity to work with diverse learners.

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  6. Cindy Watters

    Cindy Watters

    Leadership Professional Learning Communities

    Cindy Watters is executive director of student services at Singapore American School. In her role, she oversees learning support, speech services, health services, and behavior intervention supports.

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  7. Mark Van Clay

    Mark Van Clay

    Leadership Professional Learning Communities School Improvement

    Mark Van Clay, EdD, is a consultant who specializes in aligning school systems. He also works with the Consortium for Educational Change and has 30 years of experience in education.

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  8. Tesha Ferriby Thomas

    Tesha Ferriby Thomas

    Leadership Professional Learning Communities

    Dr. Tesha Ferriby Thomas believes passionately in the power of PLCs, which she has worked to develop in multiple schools as an assistant superintendent, assistant principal, department chairperson, and classroom teacher.

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  9. Aisha Lynn Thomas

    Aisha Lynn Thomas

    Professional Learning Communities

    Aisha Lynn Thomas is the principal of Zach Elementary in Fort Collins, Colorado. She has previously served as a middle school office manager, school counselor, district lead secondary school counselor, and assistant principal.

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  10. Rusty Taylor

    Rusty Taylor

    Leadership Professional Learning Communities Science Teams

    Rusty Taylor has been a professional educator since 1997, serving as a science teacher, middle school assistant principal, and principal at both the middle and high school levels.

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