Making Sense of Mathematics for Teaching to Inform Instructional Quality

Making Sense of Mathematics for Teaching to Inform Instructional Quality

By: Melissa D. Boston, Amber G. Candela, Juli K. Dixon

Discover clear teaching strategies and rubrics for improving mathematics instruction at any grade level. Watch videos of effective math strategies in action and gain the tools to bring TQE process into the classroom.

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Applying the TQE process in teachers’ mathematics instructional strategies

Discover a clear path for improving mathematics instructional strategies at any grade level. Designed for individuals or collaborative teams, this practical resource introduces a set of rubrics—the Instructional Quality Assessment (IQA) Toolkit—that readers can rely on to help guide reflections, conversations, feedback, and planning. Also included are a series of short videos that showcase how to use the book’s math strategies and tools in classrooms.

Ensure the instructional quality of your teaching strategies in mathematics:

  • Utilize tasks, questions, and evidence (the TQE process) and the associated IQA rubrics as a road map for increasing instructional quality.
  • Become familiar with the connection between efficient use of tasks and teacher questioning with increased student success.
  • Learn how to gauge student response to tasks and lessons in order to understand student mastery of the material.
  • Enhance your understanding of mathematics through hands-on activities.
  • Access free online reproducibles for use in teaching mathematics in the classroom.

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