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21st Century Skills

Rethinking How Students Learn

This anthology introduces the Framework for 21st Century Learning from the Partnership for 21st Century Skills as a way to re-envision learning and prepare students for a rapidly evolving global and technological world. Highly respected education leaders and innovators focus on why these skills are necessary, which are most important, and how to best help schools include them in curriculum and instruction.


  • Obtain theories, strategies, and methods of change from a diverse group of leading researchers.
  • Increase rigor by infusing 21st century skills into core subjects.
  • Realize the importance of students mastering content and skills, moving beyond the old standards of memorized information.
  • Nurture critical student skills such as ingenuity, agility, and adaptability.
  • Teach students to apply and transform their knowledge for useful and creative purposes.

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Foreword: 21st Century Skills: Why They Matter, What They Are, and How We Get There
Chapter 1: Five Minds for the Future
Chapter 2: New Policies for 21st Century Demands
Chapter 3: Comparing Frameworks for 21st Century Skills
Chapter 4: The Role of Professional Learning Communities in Advancing 21st Century Skills
Chapter 5: The Singapore Vision: Teach Less, Learn More
Chapter 6: Designing New Learning Environments to Support 21st Century Skills
Chapter 7: An Implementation Framework to Support 21st Century Skills
Chapter 8: Problem-Based Learning: The Foundation for 21st Century Skills
Chapter 9: Cooperative Learning and Conflict Resolution: Essential 21st Century Skills
Chapter 10: Preparing Students for Mastery of 21st Century Skills
Chapter 11: Innovation Through Technology
Chapter 12: Technology Rich, Information Poor
Chapter 13: Navigating Social Networks as Learning Tools
Chapter 14: A Framework for Assessing 21st Century Skills
Afterword: Leadership, Change, and Beyond the 21st Century Skills Agenda