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The School Leader's Guide to English Learners

English learners face not only the challenge of learning English, but also learning in English. How, then, do you set reasonable expectations for developing proficiency? School leaders will find the answers inside, including how to assess the individual needs of ELs, how to create a quality instructional program, and how to evaluate performance. Each chapter offers reliable, research-based ways to implement solutions you can count on.


  • Gain an overview of the classifications and standards used to assess students' skill levels.
  • Focus on key concepts with Big Idea and Questions Principals Ask features.
  • Explore effective instruction with real-world examples.
  • Weigh the relative strengths of options for progress monitoring ELs.
  • Discover strategies for student support and continuous improvement through classroom techniques, professional development, and enhanced communication with parents and communities.
  • Access reproducible materials, including a multilingual home survey for parents and a primary language assessment.

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The School Leader's Guide to English Learners

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Chapter 1: Learning About English Learners
Chapter 2: Developing a Quality Program for English Learners
Chapter 3: Assessing the Performance of English Learners
Chapter 4: Intervening for English Learner Performance
Chapter 5: Fostering a Quality Program for English Learners
A Principal’s Glossary


Chapter 1

Chapter 3

Chapter 5