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Supporting Differentiated Instruction

A Professional Learning Communities Approach

Examine how PLCs provide the decision-making platform for the rigorous work of differentiated classroom instruction. A practical guide to implementing differentiation in the classroom, this book offers a road map to effective teaching that responds to diverse learning needs. Takeaway objectives at the beginning of each chapter guide discussion, and each chapter ends with action options of highly interactive strategies.


  • Utilize chapter takeaways to guide discussion for all teachers at all grade levels.
  • Gain highly interactive action options to accomplish chapter takeaways.
  • Use differentiated instruction in PLCs to maximize student achievement.
  • Explore summaries of relevant theories and research on building teams, forging shared beliefs, dissecting data, attaining consensus, and teaching responsively.

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Supporting Differentiated Instruction

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Introduction: PLCs and Differentiated Instruction
Chapter 1: All About Collaboration
Chapter 2: All About Differentiation
Chapter 3: All About the Learners
Chapter 4: Changing the Content
Chapter 5: Changing the Process
Chapter 6: Changing the Product
Chapter 7: Diverse-Learner Strategies
Chapter 8: Changing Lessons for Student Success
Chapter 9: Changing Units for Student Success
Chapter 10: Next Steps