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Teach Brilliantly

Small Shifts That Lead to Big Gains in Student Learning

This comprehensive guide for educators offers insight into the most effective teaching methods and research-based practices you can apply to best support student success. Connect the why behind five key topics in education to what you can do to bring them to life in your classroom.


  • Make small changes to your instructional practice that will lead to significant gains in student learning.
  • Boost the engagement of all your students.
  • Provide optimum levels of challenge.
  • Ensure your students use feedback brilliantly.
  • Lift expectations so that all students make excellent progress.
  • Use lessons from a broad range of meta-analyses to strengthen equity.
  • Justify your pedagogical decisions through the confident use of empirical data.

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Teach Brilliantly

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Introduction: Learning Is Driven by What Teachers and Students Do Together
Chapter 1: When You Adjust Your Teaching, It Transforms Students’ Learning
Chapter 2: When You Engage Your Students, Their Learning Gains Purpose
Chapter 3: When Challenge Is Just Right, Students’ Abilities Improve
Chapter 4: When Feedback Is Used Brilliantly, It Adds Significant Value
Chapter 5: When Expectations Are High, Everybody Prospers
Chapter 6: When There Is Equity, There Is Fairness
Epilogue: Post-Credit Encores




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