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What STEM Can Do for Your Classroom

Improving Student Problem Solving, Collaboration, and Engagement, Grades K–6

This book will help you teach creativity through STEM, focusing on authentic student collaboration and choice while offering examples and field-tested strategies for how to get there.


  • Understand the benefits and importance of STEM in elementary schools
  • Build resiliency and curiosity in students
  • Discover a variety of classroom instruction strategies to approach STEM assessment
  • Read vignettes discussing STEM implementation across grade levels
  • Use new strategies to engage and motivate student learning through voice and choice

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What STEM Can Do for Your Classroom

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Part One: Start STEM Early
Chapter 1: Inspiring Students With STEM Narratives
Chapter 2: Teaching STEM in Elementary School
Part Two: Discover STEM Learning Principles
Chapter 3: Focusing on Authentic Engagement, Choice, and Collaboration
Chapter 4: Creating Risk Takers
Part Three: Explore STEM Pedagogy
Chapter 5: Exploring STEM Teaching and Guided Discovery Learning
Chapter 6: Making Assessment Student Centered in Elementary STEM Classrooms
Chapter 7: Exploring STEM and Creativity
Chapter 8: Bringing It All Together




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