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You've Got to Reach Them to Teach Them

Hard Facts About the Soft Skills of Engagement

Navigate the hot topic of student engagement with a true expert. The author explores the many factors involved in bringing out the best in students, such as relationships, emotions, environment, and expectations. Become empowered to demand an authentic joy for learning in your classroom. Real-life notes from the field, detailed discussions, practical strategies, and space for reflection complete this essential guide to student engagement.


  • Gain practical strategies for increasing student engagement and achievement.
  • Learn how to create a safe environment that nurtures confidence.
  • Find a chapter on cultural awareness by Dr. Bonnie Davis of Educating for Change.

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You've Got to Reach Them to Teach Them

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Introduction: Engagement
Chapter 1: Relationships
Chapter 2: Emotion
Chapter 3: Environment
Chapter 4: Motivation
Chapter 5: Fun
Chapter 6: Confidence
Chapter 7: Attitudes
Chapter 8: Cultural Awareness
Chapter 9: Expectations
Chapter 10: The Engagement Toolbox
Chapter 11: Creativity
Chapter 12: Soft Skills