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The Collaborative Administrator

Working Together as a Professional Learning Community

In a culture of shared leadership, the administrator's role is more important than ever. How do you maintain the right balance of loose and tight leadership? How do you establish profound, lasting trust? What principles strengthen principal leadership? This book answers these questions and more in compelling chapters that deliver the strategies and heartfelt inspiration essential to being the best administrator you can be.


Chapter 1: Walk the 'Lign: Aligning School Practices With Essential PLC Characteristics
Chapter 2: Growing Teacher Leadership
Chapter 3: Trust: The Secret Ingredient to Successful Shared Leadership
Chapter 4: From C to Shining C: Relational Leadership Practices That Move Teachers From Compliance to Commitment
Chapter 5: A Passion-Driven Professional Learning Community: Putting Faith Into Action
Chapter 6: The Principal's Principles of Leadership in a Professional Learning Community
Chapter 7: Teaching Matters: Leadership That Improves Professional Practice
Chapter 8: Professional Learning in a Professional Learning Community
Chapter 9: Breaking Through the Barriers of Time: How to Find Time to Support Struggling Students
Chapter 10: Building a Pyramid of Interventions
Chapter 11: Digging Deep Into Data
Chapter 12: Win-Win Contract Negotiation: Collective Bargaining for Student Learning
Chapter 13: A Framework for Excellence: The Role of the Central Office

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The Collaborative Administrator

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